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Dreaming Up Book Cover

Here's your Book Prompt Card for Dreaming UP!

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Side A

Dreaming Up Book Cover
Before the Story

Let’s look at the pictures on the cover of this book. We might think this is a story about this little boy who likes to build but we won’t see this boy in any other pictures inside this book. We’ll see different children building with all kinds of materials. And next to each child’s building, we’ll see a surprise on the facing page – do you want to see all the surprises?

During the Story

Try to find ways to connect the word “dreaming” to what children see on the pages. Start by reminding them that the word, “Dreaming” is in the title of the book.   Do you think these children are dreaming up ways to build? I wonder if architects and their dreams to create buildings.  Let’s look at what is the same in the pretend buildings and the real building on these pages.

After the Story

After seeing all these cool buildings, let’s think of different ways we can build in our classroom. What kinds of materials do we have for building? We can pretend we’re architects.

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Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Dreaming (not only do we dream at night, sometimes we dream of ideas when we’re awake)
  • Architect
  • Tower
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies, ShopBecker.com, Dreaming UP, Item # 606519
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