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A New Year's Reunion Book Cover

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Side A

A New Year's Reunion Book Cover
Before the Story

Look at the cover. The name of the story is A New Year’s Reunion. What do you know about New Year’s? How do you and your family celebrate? The family in this story lives in China and they celebrate the Chinese New Year.  In this picture, the little girl is holding something very special in her hand that she received as a gift.  Let’s find out about all the special ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

During the Story

On the page where you see Papa coming home, stop and let children look at the picture carefully.  Help the children understand that Papa has been away for a long time.  His little girl Maomao, starts to cry when he picks her up. Why? What other things does Papa do when he’s home?  What’s special about the coin that Maomao finds in the rice ball?

After the Story

Remember on the front cover of this book we see Maomao with her coin. She looks very excited. Why does she give it away at the end of the story? Did you ever give something away that was very special to you?

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Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Reunion – This story is called A New Year’s Reunion. A reunion is a time when people come together after being apart for a long time.
  • Good Luck – Listen for these words in the story. To say “good luck” means that you’re wishing something happens with a good result; that things go well; that you have success.
  • Rummage – When Papa comes home, he rummages through his suitcase to find gifts for his little girl and Mama. Let’s pretend we need to rummage through our lunch bag – how would we do that?
Your Notes
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies, ShopBecker.com, A New Year's Reunion, Item # 9780763667481
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