Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons

Pete the Cat Book Cover

Created and illustrated by James Dean, Author Eric Litwin.

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From the first button to the last, this book had me hooked!  If this is your first Pete the Cat book, it probably won’t be your last. This is one of many books featuring this cool cat, Pete.  In Pete the Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons, Pete is so happy to be wearing his favorite shirt that he breaks out in the most cheerful song.* One by one he loses his buttons, but does Pete cry? “Goodness No!”  He just keeps singing his song.  So what you have here is an adorable story with bright, artsy pictures, a math lesson in subtraction, and a moral that carries meaning way beyond losing buttons!

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Pete the Cat Doll and Pete the Cat Groovy Buttons Puppet​For added fun, you’ll want to have the Pete the Cat puppet and/or doll on hand.  Check them out here.

* For the free Pete the Cat song download, please visit

Who can resist Pete the Cat? He moves, he grooves, he raps, he rhymes. And readers can download an audio version with guitar and singing that is loads of fun. In this latest addition to the Pete the Cat series, Pete starts out with four big colorful buttons on his shirt. One by one they pop off leaving him with only one last button… his belly button.  “Did Pete cry? Goodness, no! Buttons come and buttons go.” The creative use of color to accentuate the singsong text enunciates the rhythm. This makes a very playful introduction to subtraction that readers will want to hear again and again. Along with large expressive pictures of cool cat, Pete, there is a page with giant numbers that also shows the simple subtraction algorithm and the number word. This upbeat series is already very popular, and this title is the best so far.  

Holly Carlson, School Librarian  
Southeastern Pennsylvania School Library Book Reviewer

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