Circus Caps For Sale

Circus Caps for Sale Book Cover

Author and Illustrator:  Esphyr Slobodkina (pronounced ess-FEER sloh-BOD-kee-nah)

  1. Interactive Story Time & Prompt Cards
  2. Activity: A Balancing Act
  3. Activity:  The Peddler Tries Something New

Pezzo, the peddler is back. Not much has changed. He’s still selling caps; they’re still the same price; and he still gets upset when his caps disappear. And all that sameness is the true gift of this story. Children will recognize all that is familiar from the original Caps for Sale and delight in the surprises that are in store!

Circus Caps for Sale, the sequel, takes us to the County Fair and makes us feel like we’re right in the middle of the parade with sights and sounds coming at us from all sides. The language is delightfully descriptive and creates great images in our minds of plumed white horses, fierce lions, chattering monkeys and long-necked giraffes. And then there’s Jumbo, the huge elephant, who took an interest in the peddler’s caps and toppled them off of the peddler’s head. Caps were flying everywhere.   The clowns, jugglers, and acrobats caught them in the air and soon the only one who didn’t have a cap was the peddler.

This story has all the elements to keep the children engaged from start to finish. The children will have the repetitive lines memorized in no time and be able to recite on cue  . . ."all the red caps, blue caps, brown caps," etc.  Will the peddler stamp his feet and shake his fists like he did with the monkeys in Caps for Sale?  What do you think he’ll do to get his caps back? If you can’t take the suspense, check out this book now!

​Circus Caps for Sale is available on and it is also included along with our other favorite titles in Becker’s Favorite Picture Books-Set 1.

Becker’s Favorite Picture Books Set 1

Reviewed by Leslie S. Eslinger, Education and Product Specialist, Becker's School Supplies

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