Wooden Scissor Holder

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Hold 30 pairs of scissors in this wooden holder that measures 10¼ x 6½ x 9. Ages 3+... More Info


Classroom Scissors, Training Scissors, Shaper Scissors - Lots of Safe Scissors for Kids!

Learning to use scissors is one of those memorable moments of childhood. Remember the thrill when you realized that with one snip you could have such an impact! Children love to use scissors and we have many to choose from. Select from blunt or pointed tips; plastic or stainless steel blades, left-handed, right-handed or both handed styles. Children with special needs or fine coordination challenges might benefit from the Total Control Scissors or the Handi-Squeeze Scissors. Scissor safety in the classroom couldn't be emphasized more. We only carry scissors that are kid-safe and protect children's hands. You can feel confident that children will be safe while cutting paper, string, tape, or fabric for classroom art projects.

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