Snuggle Corner Set

  • Snuggle Corner Set
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The Snuggle Corner Set offers four pieces, separate but equally square with Velcro attachments. Line them up or use individually. This climb and crawl unit offers great opportunities for gross motor development.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 3.3 - Some appropriate materials and equipment, in good repair, used during observation, and non is extremely dangerous.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 5.3 - There are enough appropriate gross motor materials and equipment accessible to allow children to be active and involved.

ITERS-3: Gross motor 7.4 - Materials used during observation stimulate a variety of developmentally appropriate large muscle skills (Ex. Reaching, kicking, crawling, pushing, walking, balancing, climbing, ball play).

FCCERS-R: Active physical play 5.3 - Ample materials/equipment for physical play to keep children active and interested.

FCCERS-R: Active physical play 3.3 - Some appropriate materials/equipment suitable for each child in the group, including child with disabilities, if enrolled, used daily.

  1. Ages 12-24 months
  2. Primary colors
  3. 4 pieces
  4. 40"W x 40"L x 10"H
  5. Each piece is 20" square
  6. Made in the USA

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