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Literacy standards say it loud and clear-infants and toddlers need to hear the rhythms and rhymes of language. Treat your children to the fun and easy-on-the-ear rhymes in the delightful books included in the Becker’s exclusive Rhyming Book Set!

ITERS-3: Encouraging children's use of books 3.1 - More than 5 books accessible to children during the observation

FCCERS-R: Using books 3.1 - At least 6 appropriate books but no less than 3 for each age group enrolled accessible daily, for much of the day.

  1. Ages 2+
  2. Set of 4 books: I Went Walking, Silly Sally, Everywhere Babies, Let's Go Visiting

Family Owned

Becker's has been family owned for over 90 years!



Becker's meets CPSIA compliancy standards