Pre-Coding Penguin Stones Activity Set

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These penguins will delight children and inspire the use of directional and positional language, problem-solving, pattern making and logical thinking needed for coding. Specifically designed to embed pre-coding skills through an appealing, tactile resource, these penguins are robust enough to be used outdoors! Set contains 18 penguins (four of each directional arrow and two without arrows) measuring 2". The sturdy and washable plastic cards include a range of activities to extend the learning.
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ECERS-3: Math materials and activities 3.1 - At least 2 different, appropriate math materials from each of the 3 categories (counting/comparing quantities; measuring/comparing sizes/fractions; familiarity with shapes) are accessible for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

ECERS-3: Math materials and activities 5.1 - At least 10 different appropriate math materials, with at least 3 from each of the 3 categories listed, are accessible for at least 1 hour during the observation.

  1. Ages 3+
  2. Set of 16 cards
  3. 8" x 11"

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