• KIBO 21 Robotic Kit
  • KIBO 21 Robotic Kit
  • KIBO 21 Robotic Kit
  • KIBO 21 Robotic Kit
  • KIBO 21 Robotic Kit

KIBO 21 Robotic Kit

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KIBO is a STEM robot kit designed for young children. With KIBO 21, your students can build, program, decorate and bring the robot to life!  Students take on roles as programmers, engineers, designers, artists, and creative writers! It’s a manipulative-based set that allows children to create a sequence of instructions by using the KIBO blocks. After a sequence is created, children scan the blocks with a barcode scanner built right into the robot body to “code” or program the robot. When they press the start button, the robot comes to life and moves according to the coded program.  The parameter cards which are included allow the user to add variables that will impact how the robot responds – your students will have all the controls! This robot kit which relies on hands-on engagement from start to finish is the perfect introduction to robotics and coding for young children. Set includes: KIBO robot with 21 programming blocks, 12 parameter cards, 3 motors encased safely in module assemblies, 2 wheels, 3 sensor modules (light, sound and distance), 1 lightbulb module, 1 expression module, 1 sound record and playback module, a stage art platform, and a rotating art stage (to add your own customization to the robot). Great for classroom use.
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  1. Ages 4 - 7
  2. Requires four AA batteries

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