Around the World Poster Set

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Valuing our differences is the purpose for this school poster! Photos offer a glimpse of the diversity in people around the world.

SACERS: Cultural Awareness -

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 3.1 - At least 3 examples of racial/cultural diversity in materials are a regular experience for the children.

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 - At least 10 easily visible positive examples of diversity, with at least 1 example in each of the following: books, displayed pictures, and accessible play materials.

ECERS-3: Child-related display 5.1 - Many items displayed for children throughout the room.

  1. All ages
  2. 24"W x 8½"H
  3. Set of 2
  4. Laminated
  5. Made in the USA

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