• All Kinds of Kids: Differing Abilities Poster Set

All Kinds of Kids: Differing Abilities Poster Set

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Help kids learn to respect and value all people, regardless of differences in their interests, abilities, and appearances. This bulletin board set features close-up photography of kids with special needs.

ITERS-3: Display for children 3.2 - Content of display is appropriate (Ex: items are interesting or familiar to children; not frightening).

ITERS-3: Display for children 5.1 - Many colorful, simple pictures, posters, and/or photographs displayed throughout the room.

ITERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 3.1 - At least 3 examples of racial/cultural diversity in materials are easily observable to the children (Ex. Pictures in the display; music from different cultures).

ECERS-3: Child-related display 3.1 - Some appropriate materials, including photos of some children in the group, are displayed, and none are inappropriate (Ex: colorful posters; charts and graphs).

  1. Set includes 8 posters featuring children with differing abilities
  2. Each poster measures 11" x 17"

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