Incorporating Dramatic Play and Literacy in Early STEM

By Becker's


Are drama and literacy a part of Early STEM learning? Absolutely! As this New America article suggests, moments during STEM activities in early childhood classrooms can be harnessed for language development and storytelling and that STEM is full to the brim with drama. We tend to agree.


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This led us to think about the types of products that seamlessly combine drama and literacy with STEM concepts.


Ramp ‘n Roll STEM Set


This age-appropriate ramp set offers children the opportunity to act out the work of engineers. How fast will the cars go down the ramp? What can we do to slow them down? What happens if we lower the ramp? It gives students practice with measuring distance, analyzing patterns, and building problem-solving skills. At the same time, children will be advancing their vocabularies and begin using words like friction, force, and motion. It’s an active play, dramatic, and literacy building STEM activity all in one!


STEM Career Dress-Ups


Dressing up brings the drama! Introducing STEM careers through dress-up clothes seems like a no-brainer, right? Children can role-play the careers they’re learning by donning the work clothes for astronaut, engineer, or scientist. This type of role-playing activity can stir curiosity and questions. Children will move, interact, and explore all while developing social, communication, and cognitive skills. These clothes combine fun and STEM learning!


STEM Early Learning Book Sets


It’s never too early to start introducing early learners to STEM terminology, in fact, studies have found the earlier children are exposed to STEM education, the more successful they will be later in these subjects or in school generally.

  1. A First Look at STEM Book Set introduces foundational STEM concepts with vibrant photos and text that is informative and engaging.

  2. The Balance Book Set teaches cooperation, sharing, peaceful problem solving and the math and science behind finding balance.


It's important to have a variety of STEM materials and resources in your classroom that strengthen literacy, inquiry, problem-solving skills, and cooperative learning. Find STEM toys for infants and toddlers here. Find STEM activities for preschoolers here.


How are you incorporating drama and literacy into your STEM teachings?