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Sweet and Soft Babies Doll Set

Regular Price: $71.99 Your Price: $64.79

Sweet and soft babies are just that—sweet, soft and very huggable with their soft bodies. Each multicultural baby doll has a unique facial expression. The dolls have vinyl heads, hands and feet, and... More Info

Baby's First Doll Set

Regular Price: $54.99 Your Price: $49.49

Soft to the touch and easy to squeeze, these velour-covered dollies are a must in the infant classroom. Machine washable and dryable. 10" tall. Set of 4 dolls: African American boy, Asian girl,... More Info

Becker's "I'm a Construction Worker" Dramatic Play Kit

Regular Price: $92.99 Your Price: $83.69

Set up a construction site in your block area complete with hard hats, tools, safety cones, and books to inspire architects of the future with the “I’m a Construction Worker" dramatic play set!  This... More Info

Becker's Design-a-Space

Regular Price: $265.99 Your Price: $239.39

Becker's created Design-A-Space to be versatile and easily portable.  If you like our Privacy Cube ( WB0210 ), you’ll love this!  It’s lightweight yet sturdy and open-ended for multiple uses.  The... More Info

Tea Time and Cooking Set

Regular Price: $35.99 Your Price: $32.39

The tea and cooking set are perfect for all your little chefs and hosts-in- training.  The tea set serves 4 with a tea pot, creamer, and sugar bowl.  The cooking set has 3 pots and an interchangeable... More Info

Baby's First Dolls

Regular Price: $13.99 Your Price: $12.59

Soft to the touch and easy to squeeze, these velour-covered dollies are a must in the infant classroom.   Machine washable and dryable.  10" tall..  Male or female dolls available in 4 ethnicities:... More Info

Toddler Contempo Kitchen Set

Regular Price: $749.99 Your Price: $674.99

Everything your toddler needs to play house in the kitchen! Lots of features to keep toddlers entertained: a fridge door that opens and closes, turnable knobs on the stove and realistic faucet. Made... More Info

Fill & Spill Purse

Regular Price: $25.99 Your Price: $23.39

Great for dramatic play in the toddler classroom! All the little girl's "essentials" fit inside the plastic and plush purse  - a cell phone that chimes, a key ring with keys, a change purse with... More Info

Lil' Hugs Doll Set

Regular Price: $75.99 Your Price: $68.39

Lil Hug Dolls are adorable soft-bodied plush dolls have attached rattles and “crinkly” feet. Clothes are not removable. They’ll be loved, hugged and become instant favorites. A great multicultural... More Info


Set the Stage, Add Dramatic Play Furniture, Lights Off, Curtains Up - It's Show Time!

With the right dramatic play furniture, a few dramatic props, and creative dress-ups - it can be like Broadway theater in your classroom! There is an equal amount of education and entertainment as children act out family roles in a dramatic play area that is set up with house props. "Who's cooking tonight?" What's for dinner?" “Whose turn is it to wash the dishes? “I’ll feed the baby, you walk the dog. The social value of this pretend play is very important; children learn to negotiate and cooperate with the proper dramatic play center materials.

We know that quality classrooms rotate themes in the dramatic play area. It's important to have dramatic play props and accessories to support different play scenarios such as grocery store, office, or restaurant. Children can roleplay as a young professional, scientist, community helper, and more. Pretend play helps children develop storytelling and social awareness skills.

We also want children to experience different cultures through their play. We offer a range of multicultural play props and beautifully designed multicultural costumes. We offer a variety of ethnic dress ups and dramatic play kits for children to roleplay.

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