Number Pebbles, Sum Building Set

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Counting and adding with engraved pebbles engages the brain and the senses! Use in sand, water, or table activities.

FCCERS-R: Math/number 3.1 - Some developmentally appropriate math/number materials accessible daily for each age group.

FCCERS-R: Math/number 7.2 - Math/number activities requiring more input from provider are offered for preschoolers and school-agers who attend full day at least every 2 weeks (ex. making a chart to compare children's height; counting and recording number of birds at bird feeder; cooking projects).

ECERS-3: Math materials and activities 7.3 - Some appropriate math activites requiring more teacher input are used (Ex: sort seashells by type on a chart and compare more and less; read thermometer to chart daily temperature; measure while doing cooking activity).

ECERS-3: Math materials and activities 3.1 - At least 2 different, appropriate math materials from each of the 3 categories (counting/comparing quantities; measuring/comparing sizes/fractions; familiarity with shapes) are accessible for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

  1. Ages 3+
  2. Set of 50
  3. Approx. 1½"D
  4. Stone/resin mix
  5. Includes 2 of each 0-20 with operation signs in a handy storage jar

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