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These animals are designed for little hands and big imaginations! Their size and durability make them ideal for toddlers and the detailing and variety will capture the interest of the older children. Add them to the block area, the science center, or any interest area where imaginative play is promoted.

ECERS-3: Blocks 5.1 - Enough space, unit blocks, and accessories from 3 categories accessible for 3 or more children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time.

ECERS-3: Blocks 3.3 - Blocks and accessories are organized by type.

ECERS-3: Blocks 3.1 - Enough blocks and accessories accessible for at least 2 children to build sizeable independent structures at the same time, for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

ECERS-3: Helping children expand vocabulary 3.3 - Staff sometimes use the opportunities provided by classroom materials, display, or other concrete experiences to introduce words.

  1. Ages 2+
  2. Dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, bird and fish
  3. Set of 6
  4. Largest animal (dog) measures 8½”L x 6”H
  5. Made of durable, non-toxic plastic
  6. Surface washable

Family Owned

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Becker's meets CPSIA compliancy standards