Ceremonial Costumes, Set of 12

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Take a trip around the world with ceremonial dress-ups! Children will love to pretend in these multicultural role play costumes.We also offer authentic, multicultural ceremonial clothing individually:https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/russian-girl-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/russian-boy-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/african-girl-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/african-boy-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/latino-girl-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/latino-boy-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/india-girl-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/india-boy-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/japanese-girl-ceremonial-costume/https://www.shopbecker.com/dramatic-play/dress-up-and-role-play/_/japanese-boy-ceremonial-costume/
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FCCERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 - At least 4 examples of props representing various races/cultures accessible for use in dramatic play (Ex. dolls of different races; ethnic clothing; cooking and eating utensils from various cultural groups).

ECERS-3: Dramatic play 7.1 - At least 4 clear examples to represent diversity are included for dramatic play (Ex: dolls of different races/cultures; foods of different cultures; equipment used by people with disabilities).

ECERS-3: Dramatic play 5.1 - Many and varied dramatic play materials, enough for number of children allowed, are accessible, including dolls, child-sized furniture, play foods and cooking/eating utensils, dress-up clothes for boys and girls.

ECERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.1 - At least 2 different types of dramatic play props representing different races or cultures are included for use in dramatic play.

  1. Fits most children ages 3-6
  2. Machine washable with easy closures

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