• Baby's First Doll Set
  • Baby's First Doll Set
  • Baby's First Doll Set
  • Baby's First Doll Set
  • Baby's First Doll Set
  • Baby's First Doll Set

Baby's First Doll Set

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Soft to the touch and easy to squeeze, these velour-covered dollies are a must in the infant classroom. Set of 4 dolls: African American boy, Asian girl, Caucasian girl, Latino boy.

ITERS-3: Dramatic play 3.1 - At least 4 age-appropriate dramatic play toys are accessible, including dolls and soft animals.

ITERS-3: Dramatic play 7.1 - At least 4 dramatic play examples are accessible that clearly represent diversity.

ITERS-3: Promoting acceptance of diversity 3.1 - At least 3 examples of racial/cultural diversity in materials are easily observable to the children (Ex. Pictures in the display; music from different cultures).

FCCERS-R: Dramatic play 7.1 - Materials provided to represent diversity (Ex. dolls representing different races/cultures; equipment used by people of different cultures or with disabilities).

FCCERS-R: Promoting acceptance of diversity 5.2 - At least 4 examples of props representing various races/cultures accessible for use in dramatic play (Ex. dolls of different races; ethnic clothing; cooking and eating utensils from various cultural groups).

FCCERS-R: Dramatic play 3.1 - Some materials accessible daily to carry out meaningful dramatic play (Ex. toy buildings with appropriately sized props; materials to use with dolls; child-sized stove with pots and pans).

FCCERS-R: Provision for relaxation and comfort 3.2 - Three or more soft toys accessible.

  1. Ages Birth+
  2. Set of 4
  3. 10" tall
  4. Machine washable and dryable

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