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Amazing STEM Book Set

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Simple machines are great ways to make science hands-on learning! Ramps, slopes, and sprockets will soon be everyday words in your early learning classrooms thanks to the books included in the Amazing Stem book set! The 3 books included in this book set are Roll, Slope and Slide, Pull, Lift, and Lower and Scoop, Seesaw, and Raise.

ECERS-3: Nature/science 3.1 - At least 5 developmentally appropriate nature/science materials from at least 2 categories are accessible for at least 25 minutes during the observation.

ECERS-3: Nature/science 5.1 - At least 15 nature/science materials, some from each of the 5 listed categories, are accessible in a clearly defined nature science interest center, for at least 1 hour during the observation.

  1. Grades K+
  2. Set of 3 paperbacks
  3. Activity ideas and resources

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