The Night Worker Interactive Reading Prompt Cards

The Night Worker

Here's your Book Prompt Card for The Night Woker!

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Side A

The Night Worker
Before the Story

The title of this book is The Night Worker.  Hmmm.  I wonder what a night worker does.  What do you see in the picture that tells you it's night time?  We also see a dad and his son, Alex.  What are they wearing on their heads?  Why do you think they're wearing these hats?  Let's find out!

During the Story

Alex calls his dad, "Papa."  What do you call your dad?  Why do you think Alex wants to be a night worker?  How can they see what they're doing if it's dark outside?  In the story, it says, "The stars shine like beacons." - that's a nice way to describe how they get light.

The excavator (repeat the word, clap it to hear all the syllables) uses its arm and its teeth to do its work.  What kind of work do you do with your arms and teeth?

After the Story

There are hard hats and flashlights in our dramatic play area today so that you can pretend to be night workers.  What else should we add to this area for our play?  What can we do to make it feel like night time?

Becker's School Supplies,, The Night Woker, Item # 9780374400002

Side B

Vocabulary Boosters
  • Engineer-someone who designs and tells people how to use machines
  • Machinery-lots of machines that do different jobs
  • Excavator-a machine used for digging
  • Survey (this word appears twice in the story)-looking over an area of land
  • Stars shine like beacons-we do not need to teach similes to our preschool children but it's nice for them to hear examples in stories and conversations
  • Mammoth-gigantic (it might be fun to use this word during construction play)
Your Notes
Becker's School Supplies,, The Night Woker, Item # 9780374400002
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