KID$ Value Classroom Rugsā„¢, Patterns at Play, Rectangle 3' x 4'6"

  • KID$ Value Classroom Rugs™, Patterns at Play, Rectangle 3' x 4'6"
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The Patterns at Play Kid$ Value Classroom Rug to assist your young student with recognizing patterns. These affordable and decorative patterned classroom rugs come in both primary and natural colors.

ECERS-3: Furnishings for care, play and learning 3.4 - At least 2 soft furnishings are accessible to children during play.

  1. Rectangle, 2 sizes
  2. Best suited for hard surfaced floors. Do not put furniture on top of the classroom rugs. They perform the best (lay flat) by having their own space. Do not vacuum over serged edges.
  3. Made in the USA
  4. Recyclable
  5. 3-year Limited Wear Warranty

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