Earth & Space

Studying Earth, Space, and the Environment in the Early Childhood Classroom

We know that preschool teachers love to talk about the weather in school so here are some materials that might be helpful. Aside from weather,  we should introduce young children to more earthly things like rocks, rivers, grass, sand, and other parts of our everyday environment. Go outdoors and explore and take it from there!

Becker's Discovery Science Center

REG Price: $214.99
Your Price: $182.74

Give science the attention it deserves by setting up the Becker's exclusive Discovery Science Center. Contents: Mini-Magnifiers Bug-Viewers Eye-Droppers Color Paddles Tape Measures Magnetic Wands... More Info


REG Price: $126.99
Your Price: $107.94

Earthbox® EARLY LEARNERS STEM BASED CLASSROOM GARDEN PACKAGE. Start growing your favorite plants indoors or out! This unit contains everything you need for a happy garden. Contents: EarthBox®... More Info

Weather Frog Bulletin Board Set

REG Price: $12.99
Your Price: $11.04

Weather frog, approx. 14.25 inches x 22 inches; 31 articles of clothing and weather accents; "Today's weather is. . ." mini weather chart; 9 weather word cards for use with weather chart; "Dress me... More Info

Plant Science

REG Price: $26.99
Your Price: $22.94

Pinecones & Seedpods

REG Price: $23.49
Your Price: $19.97

There's nothing quite like the real smell of pine but this collection of cones and seeds is as close to nature as you can get without a trip to the forest! Collectors responsibly gather the specimens... More Info

Theme Book Set: Gardens (5 Books)

REG Price: $65.49
Your Price: $55.67

Do your students know where plants, fruits, and vegetables come from? The Theme Book Set: Gardens explains foods that can be found in a garden and the process of gardening. All 5 books were... More Info

Primary Science Plant & Grow Set

REG Price: $29.99
Your Price: $25.49

Encourage little green thumbs and early science discovery!   Introduce complex horticultural concepts through early science play!  Unique pieces, such as an observation jar and rooting tray, allow... More Info

Becker's Let's Go Camping Set

REG Price: $81.99
Your Price: $69.69

Open up a world of outdoor adventure with camping props and an indoor/outdoor play tent, as you teach math and science concepts.   Gather 'round the 'camp fire,' count out marshmallows, and predict... More Info

Help The Environment 5 Book Set

REG Price: $33.99
Your Price: $28.89

Student Aquaria/Terraria

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

This 1½ Gallon aquarium/terrarium is perfect for multiple uses in the classroom, such as setting up an aquarium or turning it into a terrarium. Because it is made of durable plastic it won't crack or... More Info

Root Vue Farm

REG Price: $36.99
Your Price: $31.44

This well-designed unit gives roots the darkness they need on one side and a full-view window on the opposite side. It's wide enough for children to track multiple plants at once. Includes... More Info

Becker's "I’m An Astronaut" Theme Kit

REG Price: $87.49
Your Price: $74.37

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- Blast Off!  This dramatic play set works well indoors or out.  The docking port, shaped like a tunnel, is collapsible and easy to transport.  Once the 2 volunteer astronauts are... More Info

Weather Basics 6 Book Set

REG Price: $46.99
Your Price: $39.94

Rain or shine, one thing never changes–kids are curious about weather! The Weather Basics Book Set introduces emergent readers to weather basics and captivate them with cool facts and awesome photos!... More Info

Compost Container

REG Price: $41.99
Your Price: $35.69

Earth Day Everyday Book Set

REG Price: $48.99
Your Price: $41.64

Start good habits that last help to protect our planet. Interactive stories show how we can be earth protectors. 9½" X 10".  Set of 7. Grades Pre-K-2... More Info

Sensory Dome

REG Price: $26.79
Your Price: $22.77

Tantalize all your senses with over ten varieties of exotic and fun plants from around the world, including Aloe, the Pink Polka Dot Plant, Eucalyptus, and the Cabbage Palm! This easy-to-grow kit... More Info

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