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A Balancing Act

Circus Caps for Sale CoverIn the story, Circus Caps for Sale, the peddler learns that carrying his caps on his head is good for more than just selling caps.  It makes for a great circus act!

Recommended Ages:  Preschool/Kindergarten

Domains or Early Learning Standards:  Perceptual, Motor, and Physical Development, Mathematics Development

Materials Needed:

  • Small paper plates or bowls (paper bowls might be easier for children to stack on their heads)  

  • Crayons


Remind the children that in the story, the peddler carries all the caps on his head without dropping any caps.  The peddler balanced the caps so they would not fall.  We’re going to practice our own balancing act using pretend caps.


Children can color a set of plates or bowls to match the colors of the peddler’s caps. Each child can decorate one cap to be their own that goes on first. Place the colored “caps” in the same sequence as the peddler’s caps: gray, brown, blue, and red.


Caps for Sale Image


Model for the children how to walk slowly and carefully to keep something balanced on your head.  Invite children to take turns walking without dropping any caps. 

How many caps can you balance? Count how many caps fell?  How many caps are left on your head?

Practice makes perfect – Well, practice doesn’t always make perfect but it sure helps! Remind children that circus performers need to practice their acts before they can perform.  After children practice their balancing act, put on a classroom show.

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