The Fab 5's

​​Fab 5's

Top 5 lists for everything you might need on a moment’s notice - snack ideas, circle time songs, etc. The Becker’s team will post new lists each month. This month’s Fab 5’s are:

Let's Re-Use K-Cups

  1. 1 Use for water play - the hole is built in!


  2. 2 Plant a seed or two!


  3. 3 How high can you stack them?


  4. 4 Play the ol' 3 cups and a ball game!


  5. 5 Write a number on the bottom of each cup and nest the in order.



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Clothespin Uses

  1. 1 Place a pom pom or sponge on one end; use as a painting tool


  2. 2 Put numbers and dot stickers on index cards; attach clothespin to each dot


  3. 3 Make a minion family with blue and yellow paint and wiggly eyes


  4. 4 Hang a clothesline outside and pin up matching socks


  5. 5 Measure things in your classroom.  How many clothespins long is it?



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Summer Songs 


  1. 1 A Frog Went Courtin'


  2. 2 The Ants Go Marching


  3. 3 Over in the Meadow


  4. 4 Take Me Out to the Ballgame


  5. 5 Down by the Bay


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