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Children Seeking Hands-On Science Activities in Preschool

Children are born ready to explore. It's our job as educators to get them excited about the world around them. Open the door, head outside, and find natural objects and living things. Do simple hands-on science activities in the classroom. Provide all the materials and support for children to experiment, discover, and yearn for more! To jump start your science curriculum, we've created some kits that incorporate everything you need for hands-on learning (Becker's Discovery Science Center, Becker's I'm an Explorer Kit and Becker's I'm a Scientist Kit). Ready, Set, Discover!

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Simple Machines, Set of 3

REG Price: $125.49
Your Price: $106.67

Introduce students to working models of simple machines and build a working vocabulary for STEM thinking. The Inclined Plane shows how to lift weight with small force; the Lever teaches more about... More Info

Light Learning Set, Letters

REG Price: $55.99
Your Price: $47.59

Appeal to the senses while learning the alphabet and spelling simple words! Spell out sight words and students’ names. We have doubled up on commonly used letters. Use the letters on a light table to... More Info

These Are My Senses Book Set

REG Price: $33.29
Your Price: $28.30

Introduce readers to the five senses through simple text and vivid photographs. Each book focuses on one sense and makes "sense" of it! Informational text includes high-frequency words for beginning... More Info

Living or Nonliving Book Set

REG Price: $14.99
Your Price: $12.74

Use these nonfiction titles to teach the concept of living versus nonliving to young children.  Lots of great examples are given with simple text and great photographs.  Set of 3 paperbacks.  Grades... More Info

Earth Day Everyday Book Set

REG Price: $48.99
Your Price: $41.64

Start good habits that last help to protect our planet. Interactive stories show how we can be earth protectors. 9½" X 10".  Set of 7. Grades Pre-K-2... More Info

STEM Engineering & Design

REG Price: $26.29
Your Price: $22.35

Have students use their STEM skills to design and build a fun playground with moving parts. Activity cards show step by step experiments and discoveries. 104 pieces including 10 double-sided Challenge... More Info

Let's Go Code! Activity Set

REG Price: $36.69
Your Price: $31.19

Coding meets physical development! Children hop, step, and turn as they follow coding instructions. It's fun and interactive for budding programmers!  Includes 20 foam mats (9 1/2" square), coding... More Info

Real World STEM Set

REG Price: $46.99
Your Price: $39.94

Rev up your brains. The Real World STEM Set uses activity cards to illustrate  models of real-life objects that can be replicated with this building set. All plastic parts include screws, pulleys, and... More Info

STEM Play: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers

REG Price: $27.99
Your Price: $23.79

STEM Play: Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers is perfect for use in centers or for individual practice, these fun and engaging file folder games are aligned with Common Core State Standards... More Info

Science & Engineering Practice Book Set

REG Price: $28.99
Your Price: $24.64

See how science and engineering happens everyday.  Aligns with Next Generation Science Standards, STEM goals, and Common Core Standard for informational text. Great for young students with large page... More Info

Gear Train Student Model

REG Price: $62.99
Your Price: $53.54

This device illustrates the workings of a system of gears. When you turn one gear, the meshed teeth cause the other gears to rotate as well. The second gear turns in the opposite direction as the... More Info

Junior Polydron Set

REG Price: $44.49 - $122.99
Your Price: $37.82 - $104.54

It's geometry, STEM, construction, and fun all in one. Junior Polydrons snap together and stay together until you take them apart! Both sets include chunky shapes, soft-touch wheels, and non-gender... More Info

Gears, Gears, Gears! Robot Factory

REG Price: $41.99
Your Price: $35.69

A great way to teach STEM in the classroom is to have students mix, match, and create their own colorful robots with 79 parts including robot parts, springs, and stickers. All pieces are... More Info

Brackitz Building Center

REG Price: $219.99
Your Price: $186.99

This set was designed to encourage higher order thinking while engaging in STEM activity.  Includes unique rotating connectors, along with other connection units and 150 short and long planks.  A... More Info

Farm Yard Footprint Stones

REG Price: $26.49
Your Price: $22.52

Learn the unique characteristics of each animal starting with their footprint! Each set has 8 animal prints with the matching animal on the reverse side. Use for rubbings, dough imprints, or exploring... More Info

Fossil Stones

REG Price: $26.49
Your Price: $22.52

Inspire budding archaeologists with this set of realistic and tactile fossil replicas. Made from a stone mix, durable, and safe for outdoor play. 3"-4".  Set of 8. Ages 2+... More Info

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