Sand, Water & Sensory Play

Let's Do Sensory Play Every Day!
Leave your excuses at the door and bring out the sensory stuff to explore! Start with the basics of sand and water and provide an interesting selection of sand and water toys. Becker's offers custom kits designed for toddlers (ML29039K, BSS231600) and preschool (BSS421900, BSS519190).  It's important to offer different sensory experiences because not all children will respond well to traditional sand and water play. We offer Kidfetti - a great alternative to sand. It can be used indoors or out and is easy to clean and maintain.

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Bubble Wands

Price: $10.59

Includes two 5½" trays and twelve 8" wands. Bubble solution sold separately. Ages 3+... More Info

Jungle Squirtees

Price: $17.99

Soft animal squirtees for water play. Set of 6 include: Zebra, Hippo, Giraffe, Elephant, Lion, Bear. Ages 2+... More Info

Laptop Tray

Price: $9.99

Ideal for Kinetic Sand, Bubber, Shape It!, fingerpaint or clay.  The perfect solution for an individual work space.  The sturdy construction will hold up to daily play.  9"W x... More Info

Caterpillar Spillers

Price: $6.99

Brightly colored cups pour and strain water for endless spilling and scooping fun. Set of 7.  Ages 9 months+... More Info

Funnel Stand

Price: $84.39

It’s time to think outside the sand table and elevate the play from below the table surface to eye level! The Funnel Stand allows children to watch the flow of the materials and... More Info

Twisty Droppers™

Price: $12.99

A fun twist on fine motor development! Irresistible eyedroppers build little hand muscles. Squeeze the bulb to experience cause and effect, conduct early science experiments and play at the water... More Info

Handy Scoopers

Price: $12.99

Here’s the scoop: these tools are a handy way to build fine motor skills!  Scoop up fine motor skills and practice the motions needed for scissor cutting! Fun tools feature translucent... More Info

Sand and Water Play

Price: $12.95

Learn creative new ways to help children think and discover on their own, with over 70 sand and water table ideas. Designed for children ages three to six, Sand and Water Play introduces fun materials... More Info

Becker's Float & Sink Set

Price: $37.99

Children, water, and 'time to discover' is the perfect formula for fun and learning! Children can predict whether each item will float or sink, test their hypothesis and then graph the... More Info

Fish 'N Spell

Price: $15.99

Fish for ABC's!  Wet and stick fishing made simple with the unique foam catch pad.   Set includes 2 poles and 94 Letters. Ages: 3+... More Info

Boat Assortment

Price: $7.49

A classic toy for added fun at the sand and water table.  Quality plastic ensures years of use.  Assorted colors.  Set of 4.  Ages 12 months +... More Info

Water Pump

Price: $5.99

Kids will love to watch as water is pumped through the clear, plastic tube and out the spigot.  8 ½" long.  Ages 3+... More Info

Sand Sieves

Price: $8.29

Add yet another element of interest to the sand and water table.  These school quality sieves with built-in double handles are made to last.  7 ½" each.  Assorted... More Info

Sand Scoops

Price: $13.39

Quality scoops that won't break after the second or third use.  Can be used in the sand and water table, outdoor sand box, or loose soil in the school garden.  Set of 4 assorted colors... More Info

Sprinkling Pot

Price: $6.89

A perfectly sized Sprinkling Pot for use at a Sand & Water Table or outside while tending to growing plants.  Super-strong poly in bright colors.  Ages 2+... More Info

Sand & Water Pail Set

Price: $17.69

Add another set of tools to the sand and water table, or outdoor sandbox or garden.  These school-quality durable pails will last and last.  Set includes one each... More Info

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