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Alphabet Soup Can Sorters

Regular Price: $54.99 Your Price: $46.74

Cook up early literacy skills! Each can holds 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letter, plus 5 object cards featuring real-life photos on one side, words on reverse. Support alphabet awareness, letter... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $17.84

Link them up from trunk to tail! Reinforces number recognition (1–10), sequencing, color matching and fine motor skills. Gives little learners a helping hand with scaffolded support: each blanket is... More Info

Alphabet Marks The Spot

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $35.69

Alphabet Marks the Spot™. A high-energy introduction to letters, sounds, alphabetical order and word building. Features 8 different games! Includes 4¼' square vinyl alphabet mat, 5 inflatable... More Info

Ladybug Letters, Learning the Alphabet Game

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $8.92

Learn the alphabet with ladybug puzzles. Each correctly assembled two-piece ladybug results in a letter match. Turn the ladybug over to see a completed photograph of something that begins with that... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Shape Butterflies

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $17.84

Cute, chunky shapes are easy for little hands to grasp. Helps children practice shape recognition (circle, star, heart, square, triangle), colors and fine motor skills as they match up the shapes and... More Info

Alphabet Bingo Game

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $8.92

Children love to play this popular game!  Learn to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters by making visual or auditory matches.  Also ideal for learners with disabilities and anyone learning... More Info

Alphabet Fun-to-Know® Puzzles

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $8.92

Bright photos of familiar objects help teach letters and jump-start reading. Photos reinforce letter sounds. Format adapts to abilities and features interlocking pieces with photographs for easy... More Info

Alphabet Match Me® Game

Regular Price: $15.69 Your Price: $13.34

Three ways to play! Players practice alphabet skills as they match uppercase and lowercase letters to photographs of real-life objects that provide beginning letter sound cues. Two-sided game boards... More Info

Match Me® Games Set

Regular Price: $60.99 Your Price: $51.84

Award-winning Match Me Games engage learners’ matching, memory, and word/picture recognition skills with fun, interactive play. Game plays three ways in an easy-to-follow format. Two-sided game boards... More Info

Square Up! Game

Regular Price: $28.99 Your Price: $24.64

A fast and furious two-player tile-sliding game. Shake the cube to find your puzzle and let the race begin! Slide the tiles to make your pattern as quickly as you can. The first player to solve the... More Info

Bingo Games, Set of 5

Regular Price: $51.69 Your Price: $43.94

Children love to play this popular games.  Unique, 6-way format adapts to a variety of skill levels, and is a fun learning supplement for small groups or the entire class. Each game includes: 36... More Info

Qwirkle Game

Regular Price: $28.99 Your Price: $24.64

Combining well-thought strategy with quick-thinking challenges, Qwirkle is played by creating rows and columns of matching colors and shapes; since the simple play requires no reading, the whole... More Info

Colors & Shapes Bingo Game

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $8.92

Children love to play this popular game!  They learn 10 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink) and 6 shapes (circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus)... More Info

Bananas, Apples & Pears Game Set

Regular Price: $36.29 Your Price: $30.85

Fun and educational games; easy to learn, easy to play for all levels. Pairs in Pears: Develop memory and cognitive skills while learning alphabetical order, word construction, consonants, and vowels,... More Info

Hands-on Fun!, Set of 4 Games

Regular Price: $41.99 Your Price: $35.69

Here's a fun way to build important early childhood skills like matching, sequencing, learning, letter sounds and more! Each puzzle makes 14 different scenes or words with 42 pieces in each; Ladybug... More Info

Listening Lotto Games, Set of 5

Regular Price: $82.99 Your Price: $70.54

Reinforce listening and literacy skills with easy-to-play Listening Lotto Games. To play, students listen to the sounds on the CD and place tokens on the images on their game cards that match what... More Info

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Educational Games Can Be Fun Too!

When you use the word, "game," your students’ ears will perk up. There are many ways to meet your curriculum goals through educational games. Try card games, board games, active games, mind challenging games, and more. Some classroom games are played with teams, some individually, and some in small groups. Hopefully, you have a rainy day game closet!

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