Math Numbers and Operations

Math Their Way - Start with Numbers and Operations

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in cooperation with NAEYC published Focus in Prekindergarten in 2010 as a vehicle to explore mathematical ideas and curriculum that begin in prekindergarten and continues throughout the grade levels. Children use their knowledge of number and operations to solve simple math problems such as matching the number of napkins to the number of children at the snack table. Create a math-rich environment with materials to support these early math concepts.

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Ladybug Count Stones & Number Cards Set

REG Price: $51.69
Your Price: $43.94

Ladybug Counting Stones are a engaging way to explore counting to 20, subitising, odd and even numbers, and addition and subtraction. Each set of spotty ladybugs includes two each of 0–10 (22... More Info

Math Snap-n-Learn, Set of 2

REG Price: $39.99
Your Price: $33.99

Learning's a snap with your favorite animals! The cows teach counting and numerical order 1-10 and the happy turtles can be matched by color, shape, and numbers 1-5. Largest piece is 4¼" x 3". Sets... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Counting Cows

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Learning early math skills is a snap with these two-piece farm friends! Cows feature a number (1–10) on the front with the corresponding spots on his back to teach number identification, counting, and... More Info

Count & Color Dino-sorters

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Prehistoric playtime starts here!  Open each egg to find the matching number of dinosaurs inside.  Count and compare quantities from 1 - 10.  Learn number sequencing and math operations.  Includes 10... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Number Turtles

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Whether your student needs beginning, intermediate, or more advanced challenges, fun and engaging Snap-n-Learn Number Turtles will entertain them for hours, all while reinforcing critical... More Info

2-Row Rekenrek Counting Frame

REG Price: $5.29
Your Price: $4.50

The Rekenrek Frames develop number sense and number relationships. The 10-row frame gives children a visual image of numbers for counting, decomposing numbers, and math operations through 100 using... More Info

Realistic Farm Animal Counters

REG Price: $26.99
Your Price: $22.94

Realistic animal counters speak for themselves!  They have realistic features and can easily be identified for building your animal vocabulary! Use them for imaginative play or for sorting, counting,... More Info

10-row Rekenrek Counting Frame

REG Price: $17.99
Your Price: $15.29

Practice counting, adding, and subtracting using the red and white beads, which are in 2 rows of 10 (5 red and 5 white in each row). The beads slide along the wires providing a great visual model for... More Info

Realistic Dinosaur Counters

REG Price: $26.99
Your Price: $22.94

Realistic animal counters speak for themselves!  They have realistic features and can easily be identified for building your dinosaur vocabulary! Use them for imaginative play or for sorting,... More Info

Feely Fabric Numbers

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Soft-touch fabric numerals are great for all sorts of identifying, matching, ordering and sorting activities to support developing number skills. They are made from two different fabrics, adding an... More Info

Math FlipChex, Set of 4

REG Price: $46.99
Your Price: $39.94

It's simple to match, flip, and check with magnetic readiness games that are self-correcting.  Great for independent math activity centers.  Number Fun is perfect for Pre-K, Telling Time, Ordinal... More Info

1 to 10 Counting Cans

REG Price: $52.49
Your Price: $44.62

Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play too! Teach counting, number recognition, number sense and sorting. Cans are labeled with numeral, word and... More Info

Super Sorting Pie

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes, including colors and fruit shapes.   It looks good enough to eat but it's much better as a learning activity! Children practice fine motor... More Info

All About Me Family Counters

REG Price: $23.99
Your Price: $20.39

Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children learn all about themselves and their families. Also great for counting, sorting and patterning. Set of 72 counters come in 6... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Link them up from trunk to tail! Reinforces number recognition (1–10), sequencing, color matching and fine motor skills. Gives little learners a helping hand with scaffolded support: each blanket is... More Info

Jumbo Farm Counters

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

This barnyard full of cute animals helps toddlers with a range of early math skills.  Little farmhands will find these counters easy to grab! Reinforces counting, sorting, patterning, colors, matching... More Info

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