Primary Math Games

Is it Math Game Day?

This is what you want to hear your students say! Use preschool and primary math games and activities to generate excitement around math. Look again at the games you have in the class - many of them support your math curriculum. Chess, Checkers, Bingo, Dominoes - all have math skills embedded within! Supplement what you have with preschool and primary math games. Start with games like Pizza Math, 1-2-3 Farmyards, and Copy Cats, and then add challenge with the Math & More Game Set.

1 to 10 Counting Cans

REG Price: $52.49
Your Price: $44.62

Colorful, familiar fruits and veggies introduce early math and are great for imaginative play too! Teach counting, number recognition, number sense and sorting. Cans are labeled with numeral, word and... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Counting Elephants

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Link them up from trunk to tail! Reinforces number recognition (1–10), sequencing, color matching and fine motor skills. Gives little learners a helping hand with scaffolded support: each blanket is... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Color Caterpillars

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Build cute caterpillars and color recognition by the bucketful!   Each adorable critter invites little hands to snap together and pull apart pieces, reinforcing fine motor skills. Great for... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Shape Butterflies

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Cute, chunky shapes are easy for little hands to grasp. Helps children practice shape recognition (circle, star, heart, square, triangle), colors and fine motor skills as they match up the shapes and... More Info

Snap-n-Learn Number Bugs

REG Price: $20.99
Your Price: $17.84

Explore early learning math skills by the bucketful! Each adorable critter invites little hands to snap together and pull apart pieces, reinforcing fine motor skills. Great for insect-themed lessons... More Info

Becker's Manipulative Math Center

REG Price: $229.99
Your Price: $195.49

Add excitement to your math lessons with a wide array of math manipulatives, games, and activities.  Includes: unifix counting and pattern kit; pattern blocks; counting pegs; measuring tiles; geoshape... More Info

Double-Six Dominoes in a Bucket

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Children love to play with dominoes, and they're a great way to practice basic math, counting, and sorting skills.  Six sets of 28 color-coded dominoes are great for addition, subtraction and fraction... More Info

Numbers Bingo Game

REG Price: $10.49
Your Price: $8.92

Beginning math skills focus on numbers from 0 through 20. Match numeral to numeral or number words. Unique, 6-way format adapts to a variety of skill levels, and is a fun learning supplement for small... More Info

Number 1-20 Fun-to-Know® Puzzles

REG Price: $10.49
Your Price: $8.92

Bright photos of familiar objects helps learners identify numerals, understand number values, and practice counting. Format adapts to abilities and features interlocking pieces with photographs for... More Info

Math and More Game Set

REG Price: $78.79
Your Price: $66.97

Set of 5 games includes: Topple, Mancala, Smath, Rummikub and Tenzi.  Ages 6+... More Info

Numbers 0-10 Match Me® Game

REG Price: $15.69
Your Price: $13.34

Three ways to play! Players build skills as they match numbers to sets of objects. Photos for real-life learning. Two-sided game boards and playing cards are coated for durability. 1 to 8 players. 48... More Info

Common Core Kit: Math - Grade 2

REG Price: $379.99
Your Price: $322.99

As second graders work on deepening their understanding of key math concepts, provide them with opportunities to apply math in realworld situations and relate shapes to everyday objects. The tools in... More Info

Match It! - Numbers

REG Price: $11.99
Your Price: $10.19

Each puzzle card has three pieces; the numeral, the same number of objects to count and the number in written form. By simply matching the pieces together, children will learn to recognize the... More Info

Pete The Cat Groovy Buttons Game

REG Price: $21.99
Your Price: $18.69

Gather, lose and trade buttons for your "button jar"  as you travel around the colorful board of this delightful math game, starring - Pete the Cat! Ages 3+... More Info

10 On The Spot! Ten Frame Game

REG Price: $15.69
Your Price: $13.34

This bingo-style game is not about matching, it's about making 10! Cover the numbered spots on the ladybug with the numbered pieces that together make ten! Cards feature ten-frames on one side for... More Info

Shapes Fun-to-Know® Puzzles

REG Price: $10.49
Your Price: $8.92

Bright photos of familiar objects helps children build confidence and achieve success.  Challenge learners to match everyday objects with their shape equivalents.  Format adapts to abilities and... More Info

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