Science & Nature

Science and Nature for Infants and Toddlers is Right Outside Your Door!
Young children need opportunities to experience nature first hand.  It can be as simple as going outside and focusing on grass, trees, birds, bugs and other everyday sightings.  Becker's has a collection of science and nature-related materials that will support all their discoveries!  Take a careful look at our kaleidoscope and magnifier set that is safety tested for children as young as 18 months.  We also have terrific book sets that will introduce science vocabulary and basic concepts such as the five senses. 

Becker's Toddler Light Table

REG Price: $399.99
Your Price: $339.99

Toddlers will delight in exploring color and shapes on a lighted surface sized just right for them!  LED lighting is safe, economical, and produces little heat.  The UL listed lights last 50,000... More Info

Becker's Ramp 'n Roll Set for Toddlers

REG Price: $113.99
Your Price: $96.89

Introducing STEM for Toddlers! This ramp set is the first introduction to science, math and engineering! Without knowing it, your toddlers will be studying physics, speed, distance, construction and... More Info

Becker's STEM Ramp

REG Price: $93.99
Your Price: $79.89

This set puts STEM lessons at the ready for eager learners. The ramp is designed for active exploration with 3 height adjustments. Before you know it, your preschoolers will be using words like... More Info

ABC Science Board Book Set (4 Board Books)

REG Price: $34.99
Your Price: $29.74

The ABC Science Book Set includes visually stunning alphabet books from the American Museum of Natural History that feature fascinating creatures on each page with easy-to-learn facts. These 4 board... More Info

Animal Families Language Cards

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

These photographic picture cards feature a wide variety of animals and their offspring for teaching important animal family vocabulary. Set of 28 two-sided cards. 6" x 8" with Spanish and English... More Info

Bright Baby Touch & Feel Board Book Set (4 Board Books)

REG Price: $21.99
Your Price: $18.69

Toddlers will love the rhythmic and rhyming text, photographs, and soft touches in the Bright Baby Touch & Feel Board Book Set! Children will learn about zoo animals, farm animals, pets, and baby... More Info

Touch & Feel Seasons Board Book Set of 4

REG Price: $21.79
Your Price: $18.52

Your students may know the different seasons, but have they felt them? The Touch & Feel Seasons Board Book Set includes 4 books, 1 for each season, that will allow students to “feel” each season. Each... More Info

Primary Science Sensory Tubes

REG Price: $34.99
Your Price: $29.74

Invite sensory exploration and develop the scientific senses with this set of 4 clear tubes with twist-on lids. Four of the lids are vented to encourage children to use their sense of smell. The tubes... More Info

Small Senses Board Book Set (5 Board Books)

REG Price: $21.99
Your Price: $18.69

What do you taste, smell, feel, hear, and see? Children will have fun exploring the answers to these questions with the Small Senses Board Book Set! One of our favorite author/illustrators brings us... More Info

Simple Nature 4 Board Book Set

REG Price: $34.99
Your Price: $29.74

All of the toddlers in your classroom will thoroughly enjoy expanding their knowledge of nature and science with the Simple Nature Board Book Set! With this board book set, children can take an... More Info

Kaleidoscope & Magnifier Set

REG Price: $37.49
Your Price: $31.87

Jumbo Animals Classroom Set

REG Price: $219.99
Your Price: $186.99

We offer the most familiar and popular animal groups in 6 Jumbo Sets (farm, jungle, zoo, ocean, pets and dinosaurs). Their size and durability makes them ideal for toddlers and the detailing and... More Info

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