Dramatic Play

Set the Stage, Add Dramatic Play Furniture, Lights Off, Curtains Up - It's Show Time!

With the right dramatic play furniture, a few dramatic props, and creative dress-ups - it can be like Broadway theater in your classroom!  There is an equal amount of education and entertainment as children act out family roles in a dramatic play area that is set up with house props. "Who's cooking tonight?" What's for dinner?" “Whose turn is it to wash the dishes? “I’ll feed the baby, you walk the dog. The social value of this pretend play is very important; children learn to negotiate and cooperate. We know that quality classrooms rotate themes in the dramatic play area. It's important to have props and accessories to support different play scenarios such as grocery store, office, or restaurant. We also want children to experience different cultures through their play. We offer a range of multicultural play props and beautifully designed multicultural costumes. 

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Police Officer Puppet

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

Their detailed attire and moving mouths will help engage children in interesting conversation. Puppets are perfect for dramatic and cooperative play.  Open mouth puppet measures 9"H.  Ages 2+... More Info

Lots to Love Dolls

REG Price: $13.79 - $19.99
Your Price: $11.72 - $16.99

These pleasantly plump life like dolls will be sure to amuse little caregivers for hours! This collection of  multi-ethnic dolls each comes with a reusable play diaper, an assortment of expressions... More Info

Sweet and Soft Babies Doll Set

REG Price: $64.69
Your Price: $54.99

Sweet and soft babies are just that - sweet, soft and very huggable with their soft bodies.  Each baby doll has a unique facial expression.  The dolls have vinyl heads, hands and feet and the body is... More Info

10" Lots to Love Dolls, Complete Set

REG Price: $53.99
Your Price: $45.89

These pleasantly plump life-like baby dolls will be sure to amuse little caregivers for hours! Each Lots to Love doll comes with velcro diaper, a unique facial expression and moveable body parts. Made... More Info

Lil' Hugs Doll Set

REG Price: $75.99
Your Price: $64.59

Lil Hug Dolls are adorable soft-bodied plush dolls have attached rattles and “crinkly” feet.  Clothes are not removable.  They’ll be loved, hugged and become instant favorites.  Four ethnicities... More Info

My 1st Career Gear Dress-Up Set

REG Price: $89.99
Your Price: $76.49

These dress-ups feel great, look great, and allow for quick career changes!  These easy-wear/easy-care set of career, dress-up clothes can be personalized during playtime with changeable name plates... More Info

Doll Changing Table

REG Price: $208.99
Your Price: $177.64

If you're tired of seeing the baby dolls piled in the doll cradle, store them here, along with your other doll accessories. Use the top for baby changing. Organize all the doll care supplies in two... More Info

Becker's "I'm A Vet" Dramatic Play Kit

REG Price: $81.99
Your Price: $69.69

Becker's exclusive “I’m A Vet” dramatic play kit specializes in sick and injured "stuffed" animals. This dramatic play set has everything you need to set up a vet's office. Contents: Vet Jacket Mask... More Info

Becker's Preschool Combo Kitchen

REG Price: $399.99
Your Price: $339.99

If you have a small budget and/or limited space, consider the Becker's Combo Kitchen with all the fine features of the larger unit without the built-in refrigerator. 30"W x 15"D x 37"H with a 24"... More Info

Dress-Up Storage

REG Price: $375.99
Your Price: $319.59

We designed our new storage unit with function and easy organization in mind. Four spacious drawers encourage children to keep props in order and the wardrobe area has ample space for dress-ups and... More Info

Doll High Chair

REG Price: $99.79
Your Price: $84.82

Enjoy pretend play with the doll high chair. Perfect height for children to feed or play with regular sized dolls. Feeding tray fixed for easy removal of dolls. 13"W x 12"D x 25"H. KYDZSafe edges... More Info

Melissa & Doug® Time To Eat! Feeding Set

REG Price: $15.99
Your Price: $13.59

Every mommy knows how important it is to feed a little baby. Now, your little mommy can take care of her baby with this adorable 8-piece set. An easy-close, embroidered bib, keeps baby clean during... More Info

Traditional Doll Bed

REG Price: $79.99
Your Price: $67.99

Dolls will go right to sleep in this comfy bed. Hardwood construction. Environmentally friendly finish. 12½”W x 20”L x 10”H... More Info

Doll Clothes Set for Boys & Girls

REG Price: $62.99
Your Price: $53.54

This collection of clothes is everything a baby needs to make it through the day!  The clothes are made from soft cotton blends and have realistic designs and detailing.  Eight total pieces can be... More Info

Doll Stroller

REG Price: $26.99
Your Price: $22.94

This is the perfect stroller for your housekeeping area. It's sturdy, so 'real' looking and reasonably priced! Folds up for easy storage and holds dolls up to 22"H.  Fabric and style may vary.  Ages... More Info

Becker's Career Doll Clothes Set

REG Price: $99.99
Your Price: $84.99

Dolls like to play dress-up too! This set of career outfits matches our Dexter Dress-Ups (DEX120K). Easy on and off with Velcro tabs. Fits 13" - 15" dolls. Set of 12... More Info

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