School Glue and Adhesives

Don't Get Stuck Without Glue and Adhesives!

Once upon a time there was school glue and paste and life was simple. Now we have every variety for every purpose you might ever need in the classroom. Select from glue and adhesives in your preferred style; washable glue sticks in 6 sizes, glitter glue, art tape, glue guns, glue dabbers, squeezable glue bottles and much more. Don't see what you need? Call us at 800-523-1490!

Becker's Washable Glue Sticks

REG Price: $0.58 - $31.49
Your Price: $0.49 - $26.77

Becker's  offers a safe, non-toxic, economical glue in handy stick form. Sticks instantly on paper, cardboard, photos, etc. AP Certified non-toxic.  Regular-sized stick contains .28oz. and the... More Info

Elmer’s® All-Purpose Glue Stick

REG Price: $0.79 - $44.69
Your Price: $0.67 - $37.99

Elmer's all-purpose glue stick is everyone's favorite for easy, no-mess, permanent bonding. It works on a variety of paper types--including cardboard, foam board, display board, computer paper and... More Info

Elmer’s® School Glue

REG Price: $1.87 - $15.99
Your Price: $1.59 - $13.59

Generations of school children have grown up with this #1 brand of school glue, Elmers® Glue. It’s safe, non-toxic and washable, so accidental messes mean easy clean-up!   4oz bottles sold by the... More Info

Dab ‘N Stick School Glue

REG Price: $1.99 - $44.99
Your Price: $1.69 - $38.24

The Dab 'N  Stick School Glue is an ergonomically designed bottle and small applicator that is perfect for children.  Easy to use with its no mess, no leak applicator, Fast drying, non-wrinkling and... More Info

Liquid Glue Pen, Regular Size

REG Price: $1.89
Your Price: $1.61

Liquid glue pens for use on paper, cloth, cellophane and cardboard with just a squeeze of the tube. Durable sponge tip is designed for precise application – big or small areas alike.  Sponge won't... More Info

Crayola® Washable Glue Sticks

REG Price: $0.79 - $36.99
Your Price: $0.67 - $31.44

Crayola® Washable Glue Sticks help children with school and art projects. This washable glue goes on blue and dries clear so kids can see what they’ve glued and maintain a clean final look.  Glue... More Info

Glitter Glue Pens Classpack

REG Price: $38.79
Your Price: $32.97

The neater way to decorate with glitter. No mess tubes dispense glue with sparkling accents. 72 resealable 10cc tubes of Non-toxic glitter glue in 12 assorted iridescent, and neon colors.  Ages 3+... More Info

Glitter Glue

REG Price: $3.99
Your Price: $3.39

Add sparkle to any project! Our Glitter Glue squeezes out easily and dries in 30 minutes, offering the best way to add bright vibrant colors to your decorations. 8 oz.  Available in gold, silver and 8... More Info

Colored Masking Tape, Set of 10

REG Price: $42.69
Your Price: $36.29

The Colored Masking Tape Assortment includes a 10-color array of our popular masking tape. Perfect for use with our Kraft Tape dispenser .  Each roll is 1” wide and 60 yards... More Info

Washable Glitter Glue Set

REG Price: $35.19
Your Price: $29.91

Add sparkle to any project, at home or in the classroom. Becker's glitter glue squeezes out easily and dries in 30 minutes. Set of 8 includes: Multi-color, Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Orange and... More Info

Tacky Glue

REG Price: $5.99 - $34.49
Your Price: $5.09 - $29.32

Great for all craft projects. Tacky Glue is specially formulated to work with all types of craft materials. 4 ounce squeeze bottles offered individually and in 6-packs. Ages 3+... More Info

Crayola® Washable School Glue

REG Price: $1.79
Your Price: $1.52

Crayola offers a washable glue that has no-run formula and a clog-free tip making gluing easier and neater than ever. Dries clear, doesn’t crack.  Non-Toxic. 4 oz. bottle.  Ages 3+... More Info

Bulk Glue Sticks

REG Price: $14.39
Your Price: $12.23

100, 4" sticks. Use with Low-Temp Mini Glue Gun item #CK3350... More Info

Low-Temp Mini Glue Gun

REG Price: $10.49
Your Price: $8.92

This lightweight, durable model has the same benefits of more expensive guns. Heats quickly, is safe for use by young children and includes 3 glue sticks... More Info

Kraft Tape Dispenser

REG Price: $73.99
Your Price: $62.89

Keep all of your kraft tape rolls visible and easily accessible. Safe plastic cutting edge.  Includes 10 assorted rolls of Colored Masking Tape, each roll contains 60 yards of tape. Holds up to 12... More Info

Mini Glue Dots®

REG Price: $6.99
Your Price: $5.94

When it comes to bonding tiny items like wiggle eyes to art, or seeds to science projects, instant-bonding Mini Glue Dots® provide the right amount of adhesive every time. Mini Glue Dots® provide a... More Info

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