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Arts and Crafts Supplies For All Ages and Interests

If you are looking for arts and crafts materials for toddlers, art supplies for preschool or art tools for school age children, we offer them all here. Becker's has their own line of tempera paints and modeling dough and offers everything you'll need for your arts and crafts projects year-round!  Stock up and save on arts and crafts supplies today!

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Sunworks® Construction Paper, 9" x 12"

REG Price: $1.16
Your Price: $0.99

Sunworks brilliantly colored groundwood construction paper. All-Purpose, high bulk, high strength, smooth textured heavyweight paper. Long strong fibers to cut clean and fold evenly without cracking... More Info

Long Sleeve Smock

REG Price: $12.49
Your Price: $10.62

With long sleeves ending in elasticized cuffs, this durable, easy-to-clean plastic smock keeps hands free--and just about everything else protected from splashes and spills!  Four storage pockets... More Info

Sunworks® Construction Paper, 12" x 18"

REG Price: $2.34
Your Price: $1.99

Sunworks offers brilliantly colored groundwood construction paper. All-Purpose, high bulk, high strength, smooth textured heavyweight paper. Long strong fibers to cut clean and fold evenly without... More Info

Elmer’s® School Glue

REG Price: $1.87 - $15.99
Your Price: $1.59 - $13.59

Generations of school children have grown up with this #1 brand of school glue, Elmers® Glue. It’s safe, non-toxic and washable, so accidental messes mean easy clean-up!   4oz bottles sold by the... More Info

Smart Fab Art Rolls

REG Price: $19.99
Your Price: $16.99

Smart-Fab is an innovative, non-woven fabric offered in bold, brilliant colors. It's soft and pliable yet strong and durable-easy to cut, fold, glue, sew or staple. You can even paint or draw on it... More Info

Book Baskets

REG Price: $46.99 - $49.99
Your Price: $39.94 - $42.49

Regardless of whether you use them as book baskets or activity baskets, one thing is guaranteed: these multi-use baskets provide a solution for all of your classroom storage needs. These activity... More Info

Becker's Toddler-Friendly Dough

REG Price: $12.79
Your Price: $10.87

The Becker's Toddler-Friendly Dough  is super soft, made from food-grade ingredients is perfect for toddlers! Assorted colors. Set of 6, 6 oz. tubs. Ages 24 months+... More Info

Washable Glitter Paint, Set of 9

REG Price: $22.99
Your Price: $19.54

Great washable paints with glitter pre-mixed throughout to make your paintings sparkle!  Set of nine 8 oz bottles (yellow, red, magenta, violet, orange, blue, green, gold, and silver)... More Info

Becker's Washable Glue Sticks

REG Price: $0.58 - $31.49
Your Price: $0.49 - $26.77

Becker's  offers a safe, non-toxic, economical glue in handy stick form. Sticks instantly on paper, cardboard, photos, etc. AP Certified non-toxic.  Regular-sized stick contains .28oz. and the... More Info

Metallic Tempera Paint Set

REG Price: $16.99
Your Price: $14.44

A complete set of 4 brilliant metallic colors.  Velvet smooth and non-cracking.  Set of four 8 oz bottles (gold, silver, copper, and bronze)... More Info

Washable Fluorescent Paint, Set of 8

REG Price: $43.49
Your Price: $36.97

Need that special neon glow for your project! Try our high intensity Fluorescent Washable Tempera Paint and add glow power with UV light (black light).   Set of eight 16 oz bottles (red, orange,... More Info

Multicultural Washable Paint Set

REG Price: $31.49
Your Price: $26.77

Help children create realistic portraits of people from around the world.  Washes from most fabrics and skin with soap and water.  Set includes 8 colors, each 16 oz... More Info

Washable Liquid Watercolor Set

REG Price: $39.99
Your Price: $33.99

Mixes beautifully and can be diluted with up to 4 parts water.  Set includes 10 colors in 8 oz. squeeze bottles.  Non-toxic... More Info


REG Price: $9.09
Your Price: $7.73

Glitter brightens any arts and craft project with these shimmering glitter flakes. Easy to use: Spread adhesive on any surface and then sprinkle glitter from our convenient shaker container. 16 oz... More Info

Sensory Collage Kit

REG Price: $43.99
Your Price: $37.39

Get a feel for art! Learn by sorting and classifying the materials. Build descriptive vocabulary and develop sensory awareness with an incredible variety of textures. Make your artwork stand out!... More Info

Tru-Ray® Construction Paper, 9" x 12"

REG Price: $2.58
Your Price: $2.19

Tru-Ray offers a superior fade resistant keeps projects brighter and fresher longer. Heavy 76 lb., 100% vat-dyed sulphite, tough enough to take scoring, folding and curling without cracking and... More Info

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