Welcome to ShopBecker.com and the VOICE / CSEA Child Care Quality Grant (CCQG).  This program provides a grant up to $275 to New York State registered family and licensed group family child care providers outside of New York City.  The grants may be used to purchase program materials and supplies, as well as health and safety items.  Becker’s School Supplies is now a proud provider of materials for CCQG.

How do I qualify for the VOICE / CSEA Child Care Quality Grant?

You must be a New York State registered family, licensed group family, or eligible enrolled legally-exempt child care providers outside of New York City.

How do I sign up for the VOICE / CSEA Child Care Quality Grant?

All New York State registered family, licensed group family, and eligible enrolled legally-exempt  child care providers outside of New York City should have already received an application packet in the mail informing them of the grant opportunity.  If you have not received your packet yet, please contact the CSEA WORK Institute at 855-472-6848.

How do I redeem my VOICE / CSEA Child Care Quality Grant?

Now that you’re visiting Becker’s School Supplies at ShopBecker.com, you simply need to sign-in using your CSEA ID Number and your Password provided by CSEA.  Then, start shopping from the thousands of available items.  (To place an order by phone, call 800-523-1490 and we’ll be happy to help.)

Does Becker’s School Supplies extend a discount to us?

You bet we do!  As part of the agreement between Becker’s and VOICE / CSEA, we’re extending a 15% discount* (off REG Prices at ShopBecker.com) and Free Shipping on all orders.

  *The VOICE/CCPT CSEA Grant must be used on a single order.  To get full benefit of this grant please try to spend at least $275.  VOICE/CSEA members will continue to receive a 15% discount on future purchases with your CSEA ID Number. 

Do I have to pay New York State taxes when I place my order?

Yes.  Becker's will collect these taxes as part of the overall process, and make sure that New York State gets paid.  Once you start placing items in your shopping cart, we will show you the complete breakdown of all line items:  product cost, your 15% discount, taxes and grant dollars remaining to be spent.  Again, we are here to make it easy for you.

Does Becker’s know anything about Family Child Care?

YES!  Becker’s is very familiar with The Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS-R) which is designed to measure overall quality in a group setting for children birth – school age.  As a free resource on our website, we provide a list of products correlated to FCCERS-R.  You can access that resource here:  FCCERS-R_Correlations.


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