Holidays, Celebrations & Diversity

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Ethnic Play Food Complete Set

Regular Price: $119.99 Your Price: $107.99

Our Multicultural Play Food set includes traditional Latino, African, Italian, Japanese and Asian foods, as well as a selection of breads from a variety of cultures. These multicultural play foods are... More Info

World Foods Board Book Set (6 Board Books)

Regular Price: $45.99 Your Price: $41.39

Bon Appetit! Mangia! Mangia!  The books included in the World Foods Board Book Set offer a wonderful introduction to world cuisine.  Rhyming text and mouthwatering illustrations make these fun to... More Info

Getting Along Look & Learn® Poster Pack

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Just "picture" this - a classroom where everyone gets along! This poster set uses photo images from real classrooms and simple key concepts in English and Spanish to teach very important skils. Set of... More Info

Friends with Diverse Abilities Figures

Regular Price: $26.99 Your Price: $24.29

Children learn positive awareness and inclusive attitudes towards individuals with physical challenges and special needs with this 6-piece set of vinyl figures. Approximately 5"H. Compatible with... More Info

Becker's Multicultural Book Set: New Friends And New Places

Regular Price: $84.99 Your Price: $76.49

Finding children’s book sets that address cultural and racial differences are plentiful and choosing the right ones for your class can be challenging. The Becker’s Multicultural Book Set includes... More Info

Becker's Multicultural Collection 7 Book Set

Regular Price: $93.49 Your Price: $84.14

Each story and its images in the Becker’s exclusive Multicultural Collection 7 Book Set gives an honest representation of life for children and families of diverse cultures. The stories are from near... More Info

You Are Important 4 Board Book Set

Regular Price: $34.99 Your Price: $31.49

In the You Are Important Board Book Set, the illustrations are captivating and the messages important! Children learn age-appropriate ways to be brave, friendly, helpful and healthy. Each board book... More Info

All Kinds of Kids: Differing Abilities Poster Set

Regular Price: $12.49 Your Price: $11.24

Help kids learn to respect and value all people, regardless of differences in their interests, abilities, and appearances. This bulletin board set features close-up photography of kids with special... More Info

Family Time Posters

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Time with family is time well spent! These stunning photos and sentiments capture the beauty and challenges of family life. Set of 2, 8 1/2" x 24" each... More Info

The Best Behavior 6 Board Book Set

Regular Price: $51.99 Your Price: $46.79

The Best Behavior Board Book Set includes 6 board books with friendly illustrations that guide children to make positive behavioral choices. These board books focus on topics including good personal... More Info

Around the World Poster Set

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Valuing our differences  is the purpose for this school poster! Around The World School Posters photos offer a glimpse of the diversity in people around the world. Set of two, 8½" x 24" each,... More Info

Mood Mirrors, Set of 3

Regular Price: $115.49 Your Price: $103.94

Here's a great set of decorative mirrors to make every child and every feeling welcome in your room! Helps early learning children develop awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Perfect for... More Info

Families 7 Book Set

Regular Price: $45.79 Your Price: $41.21

The Families Book Set series introduces readers to what families are, how each family is different, and how family members are related. This unique book set familiarizes children with the diversity... More Info

Faces & Feelings Listening Lotto Game

Regular Price: $16.59 Your Price: $14.93

Explore the look and tone of emotions as kids match narrative statements to photographs of kids’ faces showing different expressions. To play, students listen to the CD and place tokens on the images... More Info

Oh Baby! Poster Set

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Who can resist the wonder and joy found in the faces of children? The photos and descriptive words highlight the joy and challenges of babies. Each poster set includes 2 laminated posters with a broad... More Info

International Bulletin Board Set

Regular Price: $12.49 Your Price: $11.24

The latest title in the  All Kinds of Kids  bulletin board series focuses on kids from a variety of countries and cultures. The set features close-up photography of children in traditional clothing... More Info

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Sharing Cultural Diversity through Holidays and Celebrations
In social studies, we learn about families, communities, and different cultures. We introduce children to differences in family customs, holiday celebrations, and lifestyles. It's important to communicate to children that differences are honored and we should appreciate the unique contributions made by people of all cultural backgrounds. Browse through our collections of beautiful book sets and posters that promote an acceptance of diversity in the most positive light.

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