Light, Color, & Shadows

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Sensory Tiles

Regular Price: $136.99 Your Price: $123.29

Turn any floor into an interactive and responsive surface! Walk on the tiles and the liquid moves and reacts to the pressure of your foot. Commonly used in sensory rooms, they help create the perfect... More Info


Translucent Cubes

Regular Price: $57.49 Your Price: $51.74

These translucent plastic cubes are ideal for use on a light panel to explore attributes or for grouping and sequencing activities. Set includes 54 pieces in 3 sizes and 6 colors. Largest cube... More Info


Sensory Mirrors

Regular Price: $65.99 Your Price: $59.39

These 8” mirrors are perfect for helping children recognize their emotions and encouraging sensory experiences. A unique three-handle design facilitates sharing with others and makes them easy to... More Info


Tabletop Light Box

Regular Price: $329.99 Your Price: $296.99

Experiment with colors or trace on this portable light box. Shatterproof acrylic top. Light is distributed evenly by reflective panels. Flat safety plug and UL approved electrical components. Designed... More Info

Interlox, Panels

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Build, design and create!  No hardware or tools necessary. Simply clip the edges together to create an unlimited array of constructions. Buildings, people, robots, fantasy animals and more... More Info

Becker's Toddler Light Table

Regular Price: $399.99 Your Price: $359.99

Toddlers will delight in exploring color and shapes on a lighted surface sized just right for them!  LED lighting is safe, economical, and produces little heat.  The UL listed lights last 50,000... More Info

Color Paddles

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

Transparent 6" paddles in six colors with three textures demonstrate the principles of color mixing. Set of 18. Ages 3-11... More Info

Shadows & Light 3 Book Set

Regular Price: $39.99 Your Price: $35.99

Children are always fascinated and amused by their own shadows and reflections. Teach children what causes their shadows and reflections with the help of the Becker’s exclusive Shadows & Light Book... More Info

What's Inside Animals Photos

Regular Price: $31.49 Your Price: $28.34

Engage students in science exploration from the inside out with this classroom science supply!  Examine the photos and then place them on a light table or in a window to reveal the skeletal system of... More Info

All About Me 2-in-1 Mirrors

Regular Price: $34.99 Your Price: $31.49

Help young children learn all about themselves with easy-to-hold, double-sided mirrors! One side is a regular mirror; the other side is a "fun mirror" that warps reflections. Use to teach body... More Info

Magnetic Chips

Regular Price: $7.49 Your Price: $6.74

Experiment, count and sort with our bright ¾" round counting chips. They have metal edges so that you can pick them up with the accompanying block magnet. 75 counting chips with block magnet. Ages 3+... More Info

Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit

Regular Price: $52.49 Your Price: $47.24

The Educational Light Cube Accessory Kit is the perfect light table starter kit for younger students! The kit features lots of safe and colorful materials to play with on the Educational Light Cube... More Info

Magna-Tiles Clear Colors

Regular Price: $59.99-$139.99 Your Price: $53.99-$125.99

For young minds, taking flat objects and constructing 3D objects is a new, exciting discovery. Magna-Tiles are unique and attract on all sides! This translucent set is great for light tables, and work... More Info

Educational Light Cube

Regular Price: $259.99 Your Price: $233.99

Light Up Your Imagination! The lighted cube strobes, flashes and changes color with the touch of a button! It's the perfect size for individual and small group play. Young children can stand or kneel... More Info

Light Learning Set, Letters

Regular Price: $62.99 Your Price: $56.69

Appeal to the senses while learning the alphabet and spelling simple words! Spell out sight words and students’ names. We have doubled up on commonly used letters. Use the letters on a light table to... More Info

Activity Light Panel

Regular Price: $157.49 Your Price: $141.74

Ultra-slim LED Activity Panel with a hardwood beech frame provides a bright, consistent and evenly-lit surface that is perfect for light and color exploration, science activities, tracing, stenciling... More Info

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Activities for Light, Color, & Shadows in Preschool

Light, color, and shadows have become popular subjects to study in the early grades. We offer a variety of light tables and translucent manipulatives to support light-related science activities. One of the Creative Curriculum Study Starter topics is Shadows. It builds on children's fascination with this natural phenomenon. Do shadows move when I move? Are shadows only outside? Should I be scared of a shadow when it gets so big? Children will make lots of exciting discoveries as they explore with light, color, and the world of shadows!

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