Spring Has Sprung

Spring Activities for Preschoolers

Using a combination of recycled materials and readily found art supplies, sprout some of your own indoor flowers.


Preschool, Kindergarten

Learning Domains:

Cognition, Physical Development

Materials Needed:

Greeting cards with bright colors, flower designs, or spring themes
Small paper plates
Toilet paper rolls
Colored tissue paper torn or cut into 2 inch squares
Chenille stems (pipe cleaners)


Ask the children if they’ve noticed any flowers sprouting from the ground now that spring is here. Talk about the colors, the shapes, and the names of flowers. Invite children to the art table to sprout some of their own spring flowers.


1. Glue a toilet paper roll on a small paper plate.
2. Use the technique shown in the picture below to add grass to the plate. Wrap a small piece of tissue paper on the end of a pencil, hold it in place, dip it in glue and place it on the plate to make grass.
3. Cut flower shapes out of greeting cards. Poke a stem through each flower.
4. Place your flowers in the cardboard paper roll.