Wooden Puzzles


Melissa & Doug® Chunky Puzzles and Play Props

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Thick, chunky wooden shapes in these puzzles double as play pieces.  The puzzles are brightly colored and teach children lots of vocabulary as they play.  You could easily use the pieces as play props... More Info

Chunky Brights Puzzle Set

Regular Price: $51.99 Your Price: $46.79

Toddlers will delight in completing these brightly colored puzzles with chunky wood pieces. Matching pictures underneath each piece. Set of 3. 11¾" x 15½". Ages 2+... More Info


Explore the World of Wood Puzzles

Wood puzzles come in every shape, style, and subject. Wooden puzzles hold up well in the classroom environment. As children play with puzzles, they develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills and learn about different subject areas. By offering a wide variety of puzzle themes, you help children develop their language and vocabulary skills. If the jungle puzzle has images of giraffes, zebras, lions, and elephants, children learn about categorizing. Rotate puzzles on a regular basis to stimulate interest.

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