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Ladybug Ten-Frame Math Set

Regular Price: $23.49 Your Price: $21.14

Add and subtract up to 10 with ladybugs that love math! Includes large leaf ten frame activity mat, 40 problem-solving cards with self-checking visual answers on the reverse side, and 30 ladybugs... More Info

Mega Mag Polydron Set

Regular Price: $143.99 Your Price: $129.59

More than a toy, this math-based construction set is exceptionally well made with high-quality magnetic shapes. The oversized, chunky pieces connect to make 2D and 3D shapes and introduce polarity by... More Info

Lacing Shape Beads

Regular Price: $31.99 Your Price: $28.79

A great activity to develop attention span, fine motor skills, and shape discrimination. Set includes 72 beads and 6 laces. Shapes are printed on one side of each bead to enable the teacher to hide a... More Info

Color Sequence Beads

Regular Price: $47.69 Your Price: $42.92

This activity teaches sequence and pattern making. The cards prompt students to fill in missing colors. Includes 96 beads, 12 strings, and 18 double-sided pattern cards. Ages 3+... More Info

Fishing for Numbers

Regular Price: $55.49 Your Price: $49.94

Numbers are much more fun to learn when they're fresh caught! These super durable fish like water or dry land! Fish are 4" long; rods are 20" long. Set includes 30 numbers.   Sets include 2 rods and... More Info

Size-Sorting Eggs

Regular Price: $38.79 Your Price: $34.91

Eggs come in all shapes and colors in the natural world. Use these beautifully crafted, tactile eggs indoors or outdoors to support science inquiry skills and math concepts.  Compare and contrast by... More Info

Junior GeoStix®

Regular Price: $37.99 Your Price: $34.19

Develop creative thinking and problem solving skills with this math-based activity set.  Build shapes and designs by snapping pieces together. Includes 30 double-sided activity cards, 200 flexible... More Info

Jumbo Unifix Cubes

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

Less frustration, more learning with chunky-sized math manipulatives. Use jumbo cubes for counting, one-to-one correspondence, cardinality and comparing. Jumbo Unifix Cubes snap together easily and... More Info

Skeletal Starter Geo Set

Regular Price: $30.99 Your Price: $27.89

Discover 2D and 3D geometry by building a series of structures from easy to more challenging.  Includes 20 double-sided activity cards, 80 sticks in 4 sizes, 40 connecting balls, 24 quarter circles,... More Info

Birds in a Nest Sorting Set

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

Birds of a feather all sorted together! Perfect for teaching sorting, counting, and colors. Set of 36 includes 24 baby birds in 6 colors, 6 mama birds, 6 color nests, and activity guide. Nests measure... More Info

Counting Snakes

Regular Price: $49.99 Your Price: $44.99

Lace together your own snake with numbers 1-20! Pieces are very durable and easy for young children to manage. The laces are designed for easy stringing. Includes 5 snake heads, 20 body segments, and... More Info

All About Me Activity Cards

Regular Price: $10.49 Your Price: $9.44

With these write & wipe cards and over 40 activities, children will discover how to sort, make patterns, work on early addition and subtraction, and more! Use them with the All About Me Family... More Info

Tactile Counting Stones

Regular Price: $54.99 Your Price: $49.49

This tactile set of counting stones displays number patterns from 1-10. Made from a stone/resin mixture, they are durable for use indoors or outdoors. Use them to introduce and support math concepts... More Info

Math Bingo Games, Set of 2

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

Classic Bingo meets math and early learning! Perfect for small groups, the entire class, learners with disabilities, and anyone learning English. Includes 36 different playing cards, 6 ½" x 9" each,... More Info

Exploring Shapes Learning Center

Regular Price: $23.99 Your Price: $21.59

Introduce basic two- & three-dimensional shapes including the triangle, square, circle, rectangle, oval, rhombus, cube, cone, cylinder and sphere. Provides game-based practice on shape discovery and... More Info

Math Readiness Games

Regular Price: $94.99 Your Price: $85.49

Colorful, engaging and easy-to-use, each Learning Center Game focuses on a set of essential math skills. Designed for either teacher-directed or independent play in groups of 2-4 students.  Each game... More Info

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Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Math Activities in Everyday Play

Fingerplays show one to one correspondence, block play is rich in shapes and size comparisons, and snack time becomes an instant lesson in "more" and "less." The teacher's work is to make connections from the everyday math experiences to understanding of basic math concepts. Create an environment where math is revered and supported. Math materials should be plentiful and located throughout play areas in the classroom. When doing preschool math activities, intentionally use math vocabulary to develop an awareness of how one thinks mathematically.

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