Early Literacy & Language

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BECKER’S Nature’s Retreat

Regular Price: $769.99 Your Price: $692.99

The 3 R’s are hard at work here. This is a place to read, reflect, and be restful! This cozy space for one or two children features two built-in book display shelves, two windows with 8” diameter peek... More Info


Merriam Webster Dictionary

Regular Price: $7.59 Your Price: $6.83

An all new edition of the best-selling dictionary covering core vocabulary of everyday life.  Paperback.  960 pages. New words added from a variety of fields More than 75,000 updated definitions... More Info

Merriam-Webster's Elementary Dictionary

Regular Price: $21.99 Your Price: $19.79

An updated edition of the essential dictionary for children grades 3-5, ages 8-11. A perfect resource for school or home with more than 36,000 entries, 250 word history paragraphs, 120 synonym... More Info


Regular Price: $7.99 Your Price: $7.19

On the surface, it looks like an ordinary city block, but as we meet Madlenka's neighbors -- the French baker, the Indian news vendor, the Italian ice-cream man, the Latin American grocer, a retired... More Info

Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

Regular Price: $6.59 Your Price: $5.93

A treasury of word choices.  Features:  alphabetical arrangement for easy lookups, more than 150,000 synonyms, related words, idiomatic phrases, near antonyms and antonyms and usage examples at every... More Info

Be a King

Regular Price: $17.99 Your Price: $16.19

Featuring a dual narrative of the key moments of Dr. King's life alongside a modern class as the students learn about him, Carole Weatherford's poetic text encapsulates the moments that readers today... More Info


Regular Price: $6.99 Your Price: $6.29

It’s time to celebrate Christmas. There’s so much to do! Make cookies and decorate the Christmas tree. Have dinner with your family. Exchange presents.   Paperback... More Info

Say Hello! Board Book

Regular Price: $8.79 Your Price: $7.91

Carmelita loves to greet everyone in her colorful neighborhood. There are people from so many different cultures! They all like to say hello too, so now Carmelita can say hello in Spanish, English,... More Info


Mobile Big Book Display

Regular Price: $192.99 Your Price: $173.69

Perfect for storytime! This cabinet features a non-ghosting marker board with an angled cleat to hold markers and an eraser or to display books at just the right level for small children to read... More Info


Measuring Masters Book Set

Regular Price: $35.99 Your Price: $32.39

We use measurements in math, science and our daily lives. With full-color photographs and informational text, this book set teaches children about the tools that help us measure. Set of 5 paperbacks... More Info


Snap-n-Learn ABC Elephants

Regular Price: $20.99 Your Price: $18.89

The Snap-n-Learn ABC Elephants are printed with every letter of the alphabet.  These 26 colorful elephants come with snap-together trunks and tails that make learning language skills easy and fun... More Info


The Cat In The Hat Book & CD

Regular Price: $12.49 Your Price: $11.24

Join the Cat in the Hat as he makes learning to read a joy. It’s a rainy day and Dick and Sally can’t find anything to do . . . until the Cat in the Hat unexpectedly appears and turns their dreary... More Info


Hop On Pop Book & CD

Regular Price: $12.49 Your Price: $11.24

The author creates uncomplicated, monosyllabic rhymes to foster learning and inspire children to read. See Red and Ned and Ted and Ed in a bed. And giggle as Pat sits on a hat and on a cat and on a... More Info


Unifix® Early Phonics Kit

Regular Price: $30.99 Your Price: $27.89

Build foundational reading skills with this multi-sensory phonemic awareness kit that provides targeted practice for alphabet and early phonics concepts. Set includes 90 CVC cubes, activity book and... More Info


Fox In Socks Book & CD

Regular Price: $12.49 Your Price: $11.24

This classic book features silly tongue twisters that will have young readers—and their parents—giggling with glee. When a fox in socks meets Knox in a box, hilarity ensues. Add chicks with bricks and... More Info


Maybe Something Beautiful

Regular Price: $19.99 Your Price: $17.99

In this exuberant picture book about transformation through art, Mira lives in a gray urban community until a muralist arrives and, along with his paints and brushes, brings color, joy, and hope to... More Info

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Early Literacy and Language Tools from A to Z!

We know you want to provide a literacy-rich environment so we've gathered our favorite language and literacy tools to help you out in your preschool classroom. We have games, activities, and materials to build specific pre-reading skills and to promote good literacy habits to preschoolers. We're very proud of our book collection and hope you'll enjoy browsing through it. We hope you find at least 26 "likes" as you scroll your way through our A to Z literacy section!

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