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This site provides you with digital materials referenced in your INSTILL SEL Curriculum. 
These materials support the social and emotional lessons within the Activity Cards.



Welcome Letters

These letters inform families about the INSTILL SEL Curriculum and the Supply Your Classroom Discount Code. Share these letters as you begin to implement this curriculum or as new families arrive in your program.

MVP Kids LeBronAssessment Tool
The Assessment Tool allows teachers to document children’s social and emotional development and learning over the course of a typical school year. Use this information to differentiate instruction as necessary.

Reflection Journal
Reproduce this form to create individual child Reflection Journals. Instructions for how to use this journal during each lesson are found in the Activity Resources in the back of the INSTILL SEL Notebook.

MVP at Home Template
This reproducible form is used in a number of lessons to continue learning at home and share information back to the classroom.

MVP Kids Finger Puppets
Here are finger-size cut-outs of the eight MVP Kids featured throughout the INSTILL SEL Curriculum. Instructions on how to make this a craft are in the Activity Resources in the back of the INSTILL SEL Notebook.

Heritage Potluck
Make copies of the Heritage Potluck Invitation and write in the details. Invite families to prepare a dish to share and to join your class for a Heritage Potluck meal. See more information in the activity CFO #5.



Emotions CardsPersonalized Emotion Cards - With Words
Personalized Emotion Cards - No Words
Use this template to create personalized emotion cards for each student. See directions in activity KM #5, KM #8, and Game Plan page 23.




Positivity PostersPersonalized Positivity Posters – Color
Personalized Positivity Posters – Gray
Use this template to create personalized positivity posters similar to the eight posters featuring information about the MVP Kids. . See directions in activity CFO #21 and Game Plan page 19.




Solve It CardsPersonalized Solve It! Cards - With Words
Personalized Solve It! Cards – No Words
Use this template to create personalized conflict solving cards for each student. . See directions in activity EMW #3, KM #15, CFO #19, CFO #26, and Game Plan page 25.




Venn Diagram
Use this Venn diagram in conjunction with activities ¬¬CFO #6, CFO #7, or as a model to create your own diagram on another media.



Family Messages

Knowing Myself   Exploring My World  Caring For Others



Instill SEL Audio Tracks

MP3s of Audio Sound Tracks

Songs featured in the Activity Cards that are shared for families for home use.


I Wanna Be a MVP

Values Chant

Solve It

Marvelous Me

Will You Be Friends with Me?


Please and Thank You

Watch Me Groove

The Helping Squad

Breathe with Me (with instructions)

Breathe with Me (with instrumentals)


Song Lyrics
Lyrics to the 11 audio tracks featured in the Activity Cards of the INSTILL SEL Curriculum.



Inspire Me Books Image

The MVP Kids interactive e-book apps are designed to nurture literacy while building essential social and emotional skills.
Enjoy these features:
-Sophia Day® reads the story
-Children can learn to read with the highlighted words
-Ability to click on individual words when they get stuck
-Games, animations and hidden sounds


Available for FREE download on the Apple App and Google Play stores.
To download on Apple devices, follow this link: Check back soon for live links.
To download on Android devices, follow this link: Check back soon for live links.



MVP Kids Book Descriptions


We're More Alike Than Different Book CoverWE’RE MORE ALIKE THAN DIFFERENT
Celebrate! Diversity

Celebrate differences with our MVP Kids as they learn to respect the uniqueness of others and build strong friendships. Readers will gain insight that being different is not scary.



The Way We're Made Book CoverTHE WAY WE’RE MADE
Celebrate! Self-Esteem

Discover that each person is made to be unique! From physical traits to skills and strengths, children are encouraged to feel good about who they are. Be inspired to a positive sense of self and appreciation for the differences of others.



Treasured Wisdom Book CoverTREASURED WISDOM
Celebrate! Wise Words

Meet the grandparents of our MVP Kids from around the world as they share their unique cultures and legacies through proverbs and inspirational words of wisdom.



Counting Critters Book CoverCOUNTING CRITTERS
Celebrate! Number Sense

Count and make number sentences with the critters that our MVP Kids discover. Children will search for critters in their habitats, practice counting, recognize number sight words, and develop part-part-whole reasoning. Come along and develop a respect for nature while having fun with hands-on math.