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Nature's Toddler Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $157.99-$314.99 Your Price: $142.19-$283.49

Discover nature in all its bright and beautiful colors. Carpets for Kids offers a classroom rug that is perfect for reading and Circletime. These cuddly animals on this green nature classroom rug will... More Info

KIDSoft Animal Sounds Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $157.99-$314.99 Your Price: $142.19-$283.49

What sound does a lion make? What sound does mouse make? Learn different animal sounds with the Animal Sounds Classroom Rug. This classroom carpet will help assist in speech development. Rectangle... More Info

KIDSoft Toddler Blocks Classroom Rug

Regular Price: $157.69-$310.99 Your Price: $141.92-$279.89

Calming Circles Classroom Rug, Nature's Colors

Regular Price: $157.69-$462.99 Your Price: $141.92-$416.69

Kidply® Soft Solids Classroom Carpet Collection

Regular Price: $123.79-$356.99 Your Price: $111.41-$321.29

Soft Solids Classroom Carpet Collection is perfect for active play and relaxing. These classroom carpets are extra soft and safe for all children. Classroom rugs are available in a variety of colors... More Info


Furniture for the Infant & Toddler Room

By the time you finish furnishing the Infant Room, you might wonder will there be room for the babies! Choose your child care center furniture wisely. It becomes a large part of the "feel" of the infant, toddler or preschool room. Our Foundations Cribs look as great as they function; the changing stations can coordinate with the other elements, and our glider rockers look like home furniture. We have great looking tables and chairs, as well.  We can't wait for you to create your special "look" with our child care furniture and accessory pieces. We think you'll like the results!

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