September 2014 Fab 5's

​​September 2014 Fab 5's

What to do in a Sand & Water Table

  1. 1 Hide small dinosaur figures and excavate!


  2. 2 Make sailboats out of newspaper just like in the book, Curious George Rides a Bike


  3. 3 Predict how many buckets of sand it takes to fill your sandbox


  4. 4 Change it up--take out the sand, add modeling dough


  5. 5 Blow a ping pong ball across the water with a straw



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Summer Themes

  1. 1 Snow Day!  Have winter fun on the hottest day!;

  2. 2 Garden Harvest;

  3. 3 The Wonders of Water!

  4. 4 Famous Fish (Rainbow Fish, Pout Pout Fish,...)

  5. 5 Let's Make Music


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Outdoor Dramatic Play 


  1. 1 Let's Go Fishing


  2. 2 Let's Go Camping


  3. 3 Let's Go to the Beach


  4. 4 Let's Go on a Picnic


  5. 5 Let's go on a Dinosaur Dig


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