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September 2013 Fab 5’s
Fall Activities for Preschoolers & more!

Fall Activities

  1. Magic Bracelet Walk

    Use 2" masking tape and place it like a bracelet on a child's wrist with the sticky side out. Take a walk and invite children to collect nature's treasures (i.e. acorn caps, seedpods) and attach them to their bracelets.

  2. Acorn Painting

    Line a shoe box or gift box with drawing paper. Add 5-6 acorns. Add a teaspoon full of watered down tempera paint. Close the lid and shake the box from side to side. Add more paint as needed. Display your acorn paintings.

  3. Shake and No-Bake Apples*

    Core apples. Cut apples into wedges. Fill small ziplock bags with 1 tablespoon each of brown sugar and cinnamon. Each child adds 2-3 wedges to their bag and shakes until their apples are coated. Enjoy!

  4. A Leafy Graph

    Prepare a large graph template by drawing lines on a plastic shower curtain or tablecloth. Children collect leaves. Decide how you want to sort them (color, size, shape) and create a living graph. Children take turns placing leaves in the matching column. Summarize your findings.

  5. Find Fall

    Place 5 objects on a large tray. The objects should include at least 2 symbols of fall (i.e. acorn, colored leaf). Real objects are best, but pictures will suffice. Ask children to silently study the objects. Cover the tray and ask children to name the items they saw that relate to fall.  Do it again with a different assortment of items.

*Adapted from:  Cooking is Cool, Marianne Dambra, Redleaf Press, 2013.

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Puzzle Tips

  1. 3-D Collage

    Collect single puzzle pieces and keep in art area for collages.

  2. Repurpose it!

    Use spare puzzle pieces from jumbo knob puzzles to make attractive hanging hooks.

  3. Surprise Me!

    Hide pictures or photos under peg or knob puzzles.

  4. New Homes for Puzzles

    Find new places for puzzles in the classroom.  Puzzles with number concepts can be in your math area.  Puzzles with science themes can move to the science shelf.  And puzzles with story-related themes can live side by side with books.

  5. Discover Puzzle Pods!

                Puzzle Pods Image

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Unique Art Tools

  1. Basting Brushes

    Try long-handled barbeque basting brushes at the art easel.

  2. Evergreen Branches

    Fresh cut branches smell good and can be used as paint brushes.  Experiment with different types of pine needle branches (long vs. short needles, soft vs. prickly needles).

  3. Combs

    Use to add texture to paintings.  Buy a variety pack in the dollar store!

  4. Votive Candles

    Just the perfect size for child's grip.  Rub on paper and paint over for a wax resist effect.

  5. Toy Cars and Trucks

    Drive toy vehicles through paint and create tracks that show different tire patterns.

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