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October 2016 Fab 5's

Things to Do with Leaves

  1. 1 Study them with a magnifying glass.


  2. 2 Count the veins.


  3. 3 Collect and sort them by size, color, and shape.


  4. 4 Go outside and step on them when they're crunchy.


  5. 5 Collect as many as you can on a parachute or large sheet.  When it's full, everybody grab a size and on the count of 3 raise the parachute high in the air and watch the leaves fall.



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Have a Week of Orange Activities

  1. 1 Go on an orange color hunt.


  2. 2 Have clementines for snack.


  3. 3 Put only yellow and red paint at the easels.


  4. 4 Make orange juice.


  5. 5 Make a shopping list of all orange foods.



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Thing to Count in Fall


  1. 1 Pinecones


  2. 2 Miniature pumpkins


  3. 3 Acorns


  4. 4 Pumpkins seeds in shells (before you roast and eat them)


  5. 5 Cinnamon sticks


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