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November 2013 Fab 5’s
Sensory Activites for Preschoolers, Outdoor Play, and more!

Sensory Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Hair Gel in a Baggie

    Fill a baggie with extra think hair gel (think Dippity Doo), add colored beads or other toy trickets to extend the play.  Seal with packing tape.

  2. Tickly Toes

    Let children paint the bottom of another child's foot with a paint brush and washable paint.  Make foot prints.  Scared of the mess?  Use a paint brush and water.  It's still tickly fun!

  3. Salt Shapes

    Line the bottom of a shallow box with aluminum foil; cover it with a layer of salt.  Show the children how to make shapes or letters with their pointer finger and reveal the shiny foil!

  4. Sensory Words

    Collect sensory items for a guessing game.  Try to have a variety of soft, rough, bumpy, fuzzy, squishy, furry, and other sensory objects available.  You provide the descriptive word and let the child find the match with or without a blindfold.

  5. Kidfetti

    Looking for an allergy-free, dust-free, clean option for your sensory table.  Click here to check out Kidfetti.


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Outdoor Play Activities in a Pinch

  1. Music

    Create an outdoor music set in 5 minutes.  Fill a bag with rhythm instruments, scarves or crepe paper streamers.  Bring out a CD player or just dance to the sound of the wind!

  2. Outdoor Theater

    Fill a bag with storytelling puppets.  Shakespeare tells us "All the World's a Stage," so why not use outdoors to stage a puppet show?

  3. Action Packed Stories

    Read Caps for Sale or another story that takes place outside.  After the story, let the children act it out using found props.

  4. Hoop De Doo

    Scatter different colored plastic hoops around the play yard.  Tell the children there's one rule.  Everybody has to be in a hoop when you shout "Hoop De Doo!".  Use these directions: go to the blue hoop, be in a hoop with another person, crouch down in a hoop, hold the hoop over your head, etc.

  5. Crossing the River

    Use jump ropes outside in imaginative ways.  Put 2 ropes parallel to each other about 12 inches apart.  Tell the children that they need to find a way to cross the "river" without getting wet.  Can they use found objects to make a bridge?           

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Way to Get Through a Stressful Day

  1. Laugh

    Tell silly jokes at circle time or better yet, let your students tell their silly jokes.

  2. Breathe

    Slow and steady breathing is anxiety-relieving!  Inhale through your nose for a count of four, and then exhale with your mouth closed for a count of four. Repeat.

  3. Secret Strategy

    Do you have an image that's guaranteed to make you smile?  A favorite pet picture, a beautiful sunset, your wedding day picture?  Find a secret or not so secret place to post it--as a screen saver, inside a cabinet door, inside cover of your plan book or another special place.

  4. Nurture Nature

    Nurture nature and it will nurture you back.  Open the window, breathe in some fresh air, stare at a tree for 60 seconds, think about what a squirrel might be doing right this second.

  5. Relaxation Toys for Grown Ups, too!

    We love Tangles, Friends Skishie and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

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