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November 2013 Fab 5’s

Sensory Activities

  1. 1 Hair Gel in a Baggie

    Fill a baggie with extra think hair gel (think Dippity Doo), add colored beads or other toy trickets to extend the play.  Seal with packing tape.  

  2. 2 Tickly Toes

    Let children paint the bottom of another child's foot with a paint brush and washable paint.  Make foot prints.  Scared of the mess?  Use a paint brush and water.  It's still tickly fun!

  3. 3 Salt Shapes

    Line the bottom of a shallow box with aluminum foil; cover it with a layer of salt.  Show the children how to make shapes or letters with their pointer finger and reveal the shiny foil!

  4. 4 Sensory Words

    Collect sensory items for a guessing game.  Try to have a variety of soft, rough, bumpy, fuzzy, squishy, furry, and other sensory objects available.  You provide the descriptive word and let the child find the match with or without a blindfold.

  5. 5 Kidfetti

    Looking for an allergy-free, dust-free, clean option for your sensory table.  Click here to check out Kidfetti.


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Outdoor Play in a Pinch

  1. 1 Music

    Create an outdoor music set in 5 minutes.  Fill a bag with rhythm instruments, scarves or crepe paper streamers.  Bring out a CD player or just dance to the sound of the wind!

  2. 2 Outdoor Theater

    Fill a bag with storytelling puppets.  Shakespeare tells us "All the World's a Stage," so why not use outdoors to stage a puppet show?

  3. 3 Action Packed Stories

    Read Caps for Sale or another story that takes place outside.  After the story, let the children act it out using found props.

  4. 4 Hoop De Doo

    Scatter different colored plastic hoops around the play yard.  Tell the children there's one rule.  Everybody has to be in a hoop when you shout "Hoop De Doo!".  Use these directions: go to the blue hoop, be in a hoop with another person, crouch down in a hoop, hold the hoop over your head, etc.

  5. 5 Crossing the River

    Use jump ropes outside in imaginative ways.  Put 2 ropes parallel to each other about 12 inches apart.  Tell the children that they need to find a way to cross the "river" without getting wet.  Can they use found objects to make a bridge?            

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Way to Get Through a Stressful Day

  1. 1 Laugh

    Tell silly jokes at circle time or better yet, let your students tell their silly jokes.

  2. 2 Breathe

    Slow and steady breathing is anxiety-relieving!  Inhale through your nose for a count of four, and then exhale with your mouth closed for a count of four. Repeat.

  3. 3 Secret Strategy

    Do you have an image that's guaranteed to make you smile?  A favorite pet picture, a beautiful sunset, your wedding day picture?  Find a secret or not so secret place to post it--as a screen saver, inside a cabinet door, inside cover of your plan book or another special place.

  4. 4 Nurture Nature

    Nurture nature and it will nurture you back.  Open the window, breathe in some fresh air, stare at a tree for 60 seconds, think about what a squirrel might be doing right this second.

  5. 5 Relaxation Toys for Grown Ups, too!

    We love Tangles, Friends Skishie and Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty.

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