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May 2014 Fab 5's
Spring Activities, Water Activities & Parachute Games for Preschoolers

Spring Themes & Spring Activities for Preschoolers

It's fun to explore nature in the Spring! Here are some Spring Activities for preschoolers!

  1. Awesome Insects


  2. Growing a Garden


  3. Feathered Friends


  4. Parks and Picnics


  5. Backyard Friends

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Water Activities for Preschoolers

Water play is fun! Here are some new ideas for water activities for your preschoolers. There are so many things to do with water!

  1. Paint Outside

    Using big "house painter" brushes

  2. Fill a Tub

    Find 5 things that float and 5 things that sink

  3. Fill Different Size Cups

    Predict which one will freeze first

  4. Fill a Spray Bottle

    Count how many sprays it takes until it's empty

  5. Dip Chalk In It

    Draw on cement (learn a fun factoid about wet chalk here)


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Parachute Activities for Preschoolers

Explore these fun parachute activities and games to play with a parachute for your preschoolers!

  1. Popcorn!

    Put small objects on a parachute, shake up and down and make them "pop" like popcorn

  2. Merry-Go-Slow

    Everybody face the same direction to Merry-Go-Slow, Merry-Go-Fast, on Tip Toes, etc.

  3. Changing Places

    Call out 2 names and those children run under the parachute to change places

  4. Have a Ball

    Place a beach ball on top of the parachute.  Chant "bounce beach ball bounce!" as you wave the parachute and watch it bounce

  5. Parachute Picnic

    Use the parachute as a picnic blanket and have a teddy bear picnic!

Some ideas adapted from


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