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May 2014 Fab 5's

Spring Themes

  1. 1 Awesome Insects


  2. 2 Growing a Garden


  3. 3 Feathered Friends


  4. 4 Parks and Picnics


  5. 5 Backyard Friends



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Things to Do with Water

  1. 1 Paint Outside 

    Using big "house painter" brushes

  2. 2 Fill a Tub 

    Find 5 things that float and 5 things that sink

  3. 3 Fill Different Size Cups

    Predict which one will freeze first

  4. 4 Fill a Spray Bottle

    Count how many sprays it takes until it's empty

  5. 5 Dip Chalk In It

    Draw on cement (learn a fun factoid about wet chalk here)


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Games to Play with a Parachute


  1. 1 Popcorn!

    Put small objects on a parachute, shake up and down and make them "pop" like popcorn

  2. 2 Merry-Go-Slow

    Everybody face the same direction to Merry-Go-Slow, Merry-Go-Fast, on Tip Toes, etc.

  3. 3 Changing Places

    Call out 2 names and those children run under the parachute to change places

  4. 4 Have a Ball

    Place a beach ball on top of the parachute.  Chant "bounce beach ball bounce!" as you wave the parachute and watch it bounce

  5. 5 Parachute Picnic

    Use the parachute as a picnic blanket and have a teddy bear picnic!

Some ideas adapted from


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