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​​March 2015 Fab 5's

Eco Happy Habits

  1. 1 Have a day with the lights off and the sun on!


  2. 2 Sort plastic containers by their recycling symbols.


  3. 3 Don't throw it out!  Find new uses for puzzles with missing pieces.


  4. 4 Eat snacks that grow from the earth.


  5. 5 Remind mom and dad to bring reusable bags to the market.



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STEM/STEAM Activities

  1. 1 Build a geometric snack with pretzel sticks and soy or peanut butter. 


  2. 2 Use classroom supplies to build a boat for the water table.


  3. 3 Use wrapping paper tubes and small objects to have ramp races!


  4. 4 Place contact paper sticky side out on an easel and create shapes with yarn scraps.


  5. 5 Hide a paperclip under a paper plate and find it with a magnet.



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Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs! 


  1. 1 Fill with different materials and make a sound matching game.


  2. 2 Use ½ eggs to make upper and lowercase letter matches.


  3. 3 Line up ½ eggs flat on table and hide an object under one egg.  Seek and find! 


  4. 4 Roll eggs down a ramp.  Fill some with objects.  Which roll faster?


  5. 5 Serve trail mix in eggs for snack.


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