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March 2014 Fab 5’s

Descriptive Winter Weather Words

  1. 1 Blustery


  2. 2 Snow Squall


  3. 3 Frigid


  4. 4 Sleet


  5. 5 Blizzard



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Play Dough Activities

  1. 1 Pancakes

    How many different play dough pancakes can you make? Fat ones, flat ones, big, small, with designs, etc.  Read Pancakes for Breakfast by Tomie dePaola.

  2. 2 Practice Cutting

    Play dough is the perfect medium to practice making those first snips.

  3. 3 Tracing

    Draw simple shapes. Children roll play dough into long pieces and “trace” the shapes.

  4. 4 Make It

    Try out different play dough recipes – cooked versions, uncooked versions and do an experiment.  Let the children vote on their favorite dough recipe.

  5. 5 Play Dough Counting

    Instruct each child to use their play dough to make a ball or a flat pancake.  Provide small add-ons such as buttons or popsicle sticks. Say a number and children add that many items to their play dough shape.          

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2014 CLEL Picture Book Awards

(CLEL-Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy)


  1. 1 Open This Little Book

    by Jesse Klausmeier

  2. 2 Moo!

    by David LaRochelle

  3. 3 Nighty-night, Cooper

    by Laura Numeroff

  4. 4 Things I Can Do

    by Jeff Mack

  5. 5 Nino Wrestles the World

    by Yuyi Morales

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