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​​June 2015 Fab 5's

Fun with Nature

  1. 1 View Nature's Classroom - our latest nature video at


  2. 2 Teach the 4 L's for studying living creature.  LOOK at them; LEARN about them; LET them go; LEAVE them alone.


  3. 3 Be an outdoor explorer with our "I'm an Explorer" Notebooks


  4. 4 Make a mud pie station with your second-hand kitchen tools.


  5. 5 Play with loose parts - build collections of pebbles, sticks, seashells, acorns, and more for outdoor explorations.



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Facts about Bug Babies

  1. 1 Some bugs lay eggs. 


  2. 2 Mosquitoes lay eggs in water.


  3. 3 Spiders put a silk case around their eggs.


  4. 4 The Tiger Moth lays bright blue eggs.


  5. 5 Ladybugs lay their eggs on the underside of leaves.



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Playing it Cool 


  1. 1 Try some fruit infused water recipes.


  2. 2 Paint with watercolors on a chunk of ice.


  3. 3 Make ice cream in a bag.


  4. 4 Have a snowball catch!


  5. 5 Plan a bike wash day!


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