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August 2013 Fab 5’s

Snack Ideas

  1. 1 Cheese Please

    Cheese cubes served on a pretty tray will inspire good manners, have someone be the server.

  2. 2 Tomato Bursts

    Small cherry tomatoes introduced just the right way - will get new fans!

  3. 3 Carrot Coins

    Cut carrots into flat rounds. Have children place them in size order and then eat them.

  4. 4 Square Off

    Hand out 10 cereal squares to each child. Can they make a square from their squares? Select something whole grain like wheat squares.

  5. 5 Pasta Noodles

    Invite a parent to cook up some bowties or rigatoni the night before, add just a little bit of butter or oil. Children can eat it like a finger food at room temperature.

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Transition Activities

  1. 1 Picture This!

    Place interesting pictures at the eye level of the children wherever they might be gathered in between activities. If they line up to go outside – have pictures for them to look at as they’re in line. Change the pictures often.

  2. 2 Riddle Me This

    Introduce children to the language of riddles and make them up on the spot. "I'm soft and furry. I say meow. What am I?"  "I'm in our classroom. I tell the time. What am I?"

  3. 3 Pocket Apron Magic

    Have a pocket apron handy to put on in a pinch. Make sure the pockets are filled with little surprises. Have children count to 5 and then pull something out and have them name it (i.e. big round button - when they shout "button" expand their vocabulary by saying, "yes, it’s a BIG, round button.")

  4. 4 Kazoo-a-roo

    Yes, you read this right. It’s time you learned to play the kazoo! If you can hum a tune, you can play. When it’s time to change activities, start humming a familiar tune into the kazoo. You’ll get their attention and you can announce the next activity.

  5. 5 Bubble Pop

    This will help bring children in from playing outside. Have a jar of bubbles ready to go. Call a few names at a time and say, "Alex, Dan, Mary, and Ashley- Pop these bubbles before I count to 5!"

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