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August 2013 Fab 5’s
Preschool Transition Activities, Snack Activities, and Pinterest Searches

Preschool Snack Ideas

  1. Cheese Please

    Cheese cubes served on a pretty tray will inspire good manners, have someone be the server.

  2. Tomato Bursts

    Small cherry tomatoes introduced just the right way - will get new fans!

  3. Carrot Coins

    Cut carrots into flat rounds. Have children place them in size order and then eat them.

  4. Square Off

    Hand out 10 cereal squares to each child. Can they make a square from their squares? Select something whole grain like wheat squares.

  5. Pasta Noodles

    Invite a parent to cook up some bowties or rigatoni the night before, add just a little bit of butter or oil. Children can eat it like a finger food at room temperature.

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Preschool Transition Activities

  1. Picture This!

    Place interesting pictures at the eye level of the children wherever they might be gathered in between activities. If they line up to go outside – have pictures for them to look at as they’re in line. Change the pictures often.

  2. Riddle Me This

    Introduce children to the language of riddles and make them up on the spot. "I'm soft and furry. I say meow. What am I?"  "I'm in our classroom. I tell the time. What am I?"

  3. Pocket Apron Magic

    Have a pocket apron handy to put on in a pinch. Make sure the pockets are filled with little surprises. Have children count to 5 and then pull something out and have them name it (i.e. big round button - when they shout "button" expand their vocabulary by saying, "yes, it’s a BIG, round button.")

  4. Kazoo-a-roo

    Yes, you read this right. It’s time you learned to play the kazoo! If you can hum a tune, you can play. When it’s time to change activities, start humming a familiar tune into the kazoo. You’ll get their attention and you can announce the next activity.

  5. Bubble Pop

    This will help bring children in from playing outside. Have a jar of bubbles ready to go. Call a few names at a time and say, "Alex, Dan, Mary, and Ashley- Pop these bubbles before I count to 5!"

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Pinterest Searches

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